What is guided imagery? And what do I need to know?

Q: What is guided imagery? and what is the first thing I need to know?

A: Ok, the disclaimer that protects your falling into harms way regarding treatment is: The recommended action is work with a team of support people from your caregivers to professional practitioner. Listen to them and listen to your self. A diagnosis can have multiple ramifications regarding how you seek treatment so take your time and follow your inner guide. Integrative medicine is physician directed meaning they will suugest the efficacy of alternative treatments!

A: The ability and power of the mind to help influence the body in healing is quite extraordinary, and at times, it seems unbelievable what can transpire with this powerful influence. This book presents information and guidance for applying a proven process called Guided Imagery, which will help you tap into this powerful influence for cancer treatment and recovery.

Guided Imagery has been called the language of the mind. It is a language that the mind can use to talk to the body, a language the body can understand immediately and without question. It is a way of communicating internally with the parts of ourselves that cannot speak in words. Guided Imagery is an internal process that creates messages with images–which will be fully explained later. These messages include directions and goals that are communicated to your entire body and/or any area you choose. For this reason Guided Imagery has been labeled a “mind intervention with the body.” This intervention incorporates the power and resources of the mind to convey the positive responses and changes you desire. Guided Imagery has also been described as the interface, or connection between the body and the mind because of the positive chemical and biological changes it can produce in the body. These changes are extremely useful in the successful treatment of and recovery from cancer.

A technique that involves using the imagination and mental images to promote relaxation, changes in attitude or behavior, and encourages physical healing. Also known as visualization. Also, there is a deeper experience not unlike other layers of understanding that it promotes the restoration of cellular rejuvenation.
Excerpt from the book Cancer Guided Imagery Program. Steve Murray

Guided imagery is a technique that utilizes stories or narratives to influence the images and patterns that the mind creates. Often, these stories or narratives are combined with background music. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines guided imagery as: “any of various techniques (as a series of verbal suggestions) used to guide another person or oneself in imagining sensations and especially in visualizing an image in the mind to bring about a desired physical response (as a reduction in stress, anxiety, or pain).” Basically, guided imagery is using the imagination to create images that bring about beneficial emotional and physical effects.

Noted guided imagery expert Belleruth Naparstek, L.I.S.W., wrote that imagery is “any perception that comes through any of the senses including sight, sound, smells and feel.” She also wrote about recalling the smell of the air during a first snowfall and how the recollection of such imagery evokes specific sensations and memories in a person although that event may not be happening in the present moment.

Ms. Naparstek wrote that imagery can seem as real as actual events and, thus, therein lies its power. Guided imagery can evoke neurohormonal changes in the body that mimic the changes that occur when an actual event occurs, according to Ms. Naparstek. She wrote that people can intentionally create healthful imagery that has beneficial physical and emotional effects in the body and mind.

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