What are some good general definitions of Guided Imagery

Q: What are some good general definitions of Guided Imagery and its workings? And are there advanced levels of guided imagery?
A: Certainly some are better than others. Here we offer some of the better ones so you can approach them from what feels best, sounds best or looks best. These are all ways of sensing and play into how information is translated so it becomes intelligence.


What is guided imagery? And what do I need to know?

Q: What is guided imagery? and what is the first thing I need to know?

A: Ok, the disclaimer that protects your falling into harms way regarding treatment is: The recommended action is work with a team of support people from your caregivers to professional practitioner. Listen to them and listen to your self. A diagnosis can have multiple ramifications regarding how you seek treatment so take your time and follow your inner guide. Integrative medicine is physician directed meaning they will suugest the efficacy of alternative treatments!

A: The ability and power of the mind to help influence the body in healing is quite extraordinary, and at times, it seems unbelievable what can transpire with this powerful influence. This book presents information and guidance for applying a proven process called Guided Imagery, which will help you tap into this powerful influence for cancer treatment and recovery.

Guided Imagery has been called the language of the mind. It is a language that the mind can use to talk to the body, a language the body can understand immediately and without question. It is a way of communicating internally with the parts of ourselves that cannot speak in words.

Are there advanced levels of guided imagery?

Q: Are there advanced levels of guided imagery?
A: There are advanced theories of how the practice of guided imagery is practiced and is case dependent on the practitioner’s therapeutic model and to the degree that the patient/client chooses to advance their own desire for healing. The use of scripts that lead to deep healing may require a one to one relationship with a therapist; hypnosis and cognitive body-mind modalities often have specific processes that the client patient follows. There are other modalities that focus on dream-work or deep active imaginational influences to shift body-mind dynamics.


Is there a beginner’s protocol for starting guided imagery?

Q: Is there a beginner’s protocol for starting guided imagery, a simple model for developing guided imagery tools?
A: YES! Do it your self as in self-reliance or self-directed guided imagery is doable IF YOU CAN BE:

  • Inspired by one’s self nature and experiences and not to rush at it
  • Healthy in optimism, congruent, and diverse.
  • "Grow out from inside" and be unique.
  • Unfold, like an organism, from the seed within.
  • Express the patterns / rhythms of site, sound, touch and the power of movement
  • Follow the flows and be flexible and adaptable.
  • Always exist in the "continuous present" and "begin again and again".
  • Satisfy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Celebrates the spirit of being where you are in youth, in elder-hood, in play.
  • Invite imagination using metaphoric juxtapositions and surprise.
  • Use a tone and manner expressing a positive voice

NO! If this list doesn’t call you to try it on your own. Feel glad and find a product that does call on you. Best is as with every new skill, PRACTICE allows the cellular structures of memory storage embed so healing will flow.