Throughout the GIC site are links to free pdf’s and other url’s. We think of these as mini perspectives for your intellectual diet or intellectual acupressure, pointers to open up the idea flow, energy to move you into deeper states for optimizing healing through new awareness’ of ideas. Thoughts are energies. What we know about illness and healing is that within each of us is a unique being and that uniqueness is what is the focus of re-covery and these links serve one in moving towards that recovery.

The links and urls are bridges for your journey to find new material that sometimes gets lost in cyberspace. We are blessed at this time to have a technology that can link us to many compassionate guides who can inform us and inspire us. These will get the curious aboard quickly and offer a deep perspective.

Links on Guided Imagery and related interests

Imagery International is a vital oasis of first rate intelligence for anyone in need of quality assurance and experience based on levels of integrity in the practice of guided imagery and related resources. This association was started by professionals who were trained by the Academy for Guided Imagery. Academy training includes information:

Imagery International:  a directory of practitioners on a searchable database:

A free quarterly newsletter, ImagiNews. You can download it here:

A  podcasts by leaders and innovators in the field:

The podcast at the bottom by Gerald Epstein is particularly interesting as he offers a physiology based explanation of how guided imagery changes and connects the mind, body and spirit.  Our imagery professionals are able to help patients work with religious/spiritual imagery.

A listing of hospitals offering Guided Imagery programs/

Lance Armstrong’s fight for bringing tools forward on educating everyone on cancer. This link takes you into the fitness wellness arena, for a person wanting a strong proactive inspirational site. Highly recommended.
The Guided imagery collective is a fan of Dr Lipton and acknowledges his contribution in advancing the conversation of mind body and cellular biology. He is one of the early pioneers in this field. His site is an excellent bridge for anyone wanting to drill into the cutting edge of wellness and consciousness. This site and Noetics /SHIFT cover most of the current field.
For the intellectually curious and knowledge junkie this is your playground. A ground that integrates Wilber to Steiner, holistic therapies to Ayurvedic. It has an integrated more is better dimension. A one-stop resource, a whole earth catalog for consciousness body mind spirit sites.

I felt very fortunate when I first found this site because it said what guided imagery is about and not about. Ms Arlene Harder tells it how it is and everyone is better for it after reading her comprehensive material. This site is a must for caregivers and everyone attracted to guided imagery.

The grand dame of guided Imagery Ms Belleruth Naperstek a nurse who has populated the market with many of her innovative tools from books, guides and CD’s is a virtual treasure chest. This site is comprehensive and is for anyone wanting to get a taste of what guided imagery offers. These offering are the basics and a great entry point for all. She also has a practitioner’s corner to help serve the professional field.
If Belleruth is the grand Dame then Martin Rossman the patriarch of Guide Imagery. He has been quoted, as saying if Guided Imagery were a pill doctors should prescribe it for everyone’s medicine cabinet. The Healing Mind is focused on collecting, sharing, and supporting research on mind body and guided imagery effects on health and self-care. They state that they participate in; design, and support research projects that help us better understand how people can use relaxation and guided imagery to support their health and healing.
A perfect informational site. The nursing professional is at the heart of the healing institutional encounter and therefore this site is core for everyone wanting the nursing perspective. This compassionate team of healers is served well here as will anyone wanting a heart felt straight and simple approach to guided imagery.

Additionally our innovative section has links to pioneering minds and practitioners that pick up on new insights and perhaps extend them even further, who are making their mark on advancing guided imagery.

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