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New maps for deepening healing / guided Imagery

The Innovation section of our site explores the healing prism of deep guided imagery and related therapies and can best be summarized in this passage by (Judith Harris "The Imaginal 
Realm of Dissociation") The "Mind and body,our psyche and soma, are being brought together in a an extraordinary way. We are dealing at a much more complex level than ever before in bringing together aspects of biology, neuroscience, physics, medicine, and symbolic language. In simpler language, we are bringing together the concrete physical world and the body with the metaphorical imagination and connecting them with as the unified field..."  A field where the light of creative intelligence illuminates the darkness." Leonard Cohen says it best:  

“Forget about your perfect offering.

There is a crack in everything

That's how the light gets in"

This then best summarizes our innovation section - How the light gets in. Need more then please read on or simply jump-in!  expand the possible!

We are holding on to our imaginations watching with great enthusiasm the new discoveries and research that are expanding and showing breakthroughs regarding a host of possibility around the breath, the cell, the gene, the mind, the environment, around patterns and forms, in landscapes of cellular membranes and numerous other activities that are related constructs of the guided imagery journey. We are entering a new era of practice and following a new generation of guides, forming a bridge connecting the great storehouse of wisdom teachings to the emergent web ecology. Organically the collective is a reframing of the deeper ecology of myth, dreams, active imagination, hypnosis and music. The more one metaphorically explores the image the more one will see how these collective cellular communities are both intuitive and non linear, self organizing downloadable systems which are tools for humanity - what works for the cell works for the human, what works for the human works for humanity. Healer, heal thy self!

Creative intelligence and active imagination at the intersection of deep healing
At GIC we like to think of innovation as an adaptive path, undulating as a sphere around the core of guided imagery - of course the paradox in that concept is that guided imagery itself is innovation. As it continues to morph from its roots as far back as shamanism right through Jung and now into digital cyberspace. Unbound by any specific modality guided imagery is culturally bound and unbound. It is free, like an ever expanding universe, a constant web of imagery and imagination pixel lighting. As a cellular strata. Metaphorically this site has borrowed the garden to both nurture and as nature. A nature of the self that is planted, harvested and run to re-seed. Innovation on a cellular level is the silica, that is the fine dust combining with other elements constituting the ground. This is the same silica or silicon that creates a magic carpet of cyberspace on one hand and groundlessness on the other. So innovation can be seen as an embedded imaginary force.

So please join and enter as an explorer into the guided imagery innovation theatre and help this collection of ideas expands and contract in bringing thinking, ideas and new technology to you and to the healing community. No ground implies no time therefore innovation is free of the chains of theories and schools and is why the GIC is starting with Carl Jung’s Red Book released in 2009 and created in the early decades of the last century. Jung in his deep state of recovery from his disassociation from the great school that he championed Freud’s Psychoanalysis was no longer his ground. Groundless he emerged and with his emergence came active imagination.

This innovation as the inner-scape that has myriad openings for entering into our healing self. Therefore, the guided imagery collected has as its model, a deep holistic ecology as a unified system in which every part and function is embedded in a dynamic interdependence with the whole.

It would be unfortunate, even tragic, if the rich texture that has come from recent body-mind findings were to be boxed in the school of spirituality psychology and science. The ecology of innovation is that of body-mind-spirit in an evolutionary consciousness, groundless, a tiered complexity in the fertile echo system of creative imagination.

Innovation within GIC is exploring ideas, theories, tools, all the thinking for the play ground, for recovery and exploring paths to wellbeing, a re-framing of boundaries into non boundaries the paradoxical soul-scape, the upside of which offers a potential that nurtures our garden.

Further perspectives regarding Innovation and the potential for new guide imagery tools
Complementary Alternative therapies are at a deepening intersection evolving rapidly with the disciplines of body-mind and the advancements in thinking being validated through biology and psychoneuroimmunology and the creative applied arts from game development to architecture. The implications for healing are boundless.

GIC is exploring relationships regarding guide imagery and states of wellness and healing. It can best be summarized by quoting Noble Prize winner, neurobiologist, Eric Kandel. " The issue that fascinates me is the relation of unconscious and conscious mental processing in people. Brain imaging could be used to connect psychoanalysis to brain anatomy and to neural function by determining how these unconscious processes are altered in disease states, and how they might be reconfigured by psychotherapy. Given the importance of unconscious psychic processes, it is reassuring to think that biology can now teach us a good bit about them." This then is the natural extension that is the next horizon that guided imagery finds itself in. The next imaginative ground. To quote the late Francisco Varela, advisor to the Dali Lama, a pioneer biologist and bridge builder in the neuro cognitive sciences which he labeled as neurophenomenology. “We are laying down a path as we are walking”.

Guided Imageries innovation horizon – Doctors, researchers and game designers, and architects.

What’s on the innovation horizon- just imagine it. When the forces that inspire or conspire, when the cracks appear, when the need is present, when minds and creative intelligence intersect what’s not possible.

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