Innovation: an imaginative playground


New maps for deepening healing / guided Imagery

The Innovation section of our site explores the healing prism of deep guided imagery and related therapies and can best be summarized in this passage by (Judith Harris "The Imaginal 
Realm of Dissociation") The "Mind and body,our psyche and soma, are being brought together in a an extraordinary way. We are dealing at a much more complex level than ever before in bringing together aspects of biology, neuroscience, physics, medicine, and symbolic language. In simpler language, we are bringing together the concrete physical world and the body with the metaphorical imagination and connecting them with as the unified field..."  A field where the light of creative intelligence illuminates the darkness." Leonard Cohen says it best:  

“Forget about your perfect offering.

There is a crack in everything

That's how the light gets in"

This then best summarizes our innovation section - How the light gets in. Need more then please read on or simply jump-in!  expand the possible!