Jonna's Body, please hold

A Cancerous Dark Comedy

altCan a dark comedy influence guided imagery! See for yourself !

have included a more in-depth review of this DVD Jonna's Body in the innovation section under gleamings 
because of its extraordinary creativity and capacity for deepening a healing experience.
As a culture we are deeply influenced through the medium of film and video. The depth of visual imprinting from this DVD is significant in that it embodies an emotional component rarely seen in material dealing with cancer. It’s magic, honesty, pathos and yes humor is drawn from a true life narrative of Jonna’s cancer experience. Never a downer but always passionate and bold!

When working with guided imagery one is often asked to frame an image based on a script taken from a playbook by a therapist or recorded CD. It is more meaningful if one is able to enter into one's own depths and there find imagery that honors the self. Jonna's Body is an imaginal catalyst in bringing forth healing imagery beyond anything currently offered in the field!

I wanted to focus this review on the comments from two audiences the physician and the nurse. These comments can be found on the website for Jonna's Body. Interested read on!

THE PHYSICIAN'S COMMENTS: "Courageous and engaging presentation.

Great movie. They should show it to people with cancer. Maybe in the waiting room in the Cancer Center or patients on the seventh floor.

Love the movie! Great job! Very effective in seeing things through the patient's eyes !"

THE NURSES COMMENTS: "Fantastic film. Great concepts, great work, great direction, great analogy dealing with cancer!

WOW! What a movie from the patient's viewpoint; a realization of what patients go through.

I enjoyed it a lot. Great visualization and creativity I know people impacted by cancer will enjoy it immensely.

Love the down to earth's real presentation. Meaningful to be as a survivor, great for a nurse or caregiver.

Amazing film! All health-care providers should see this. It's such a creative way of presenting what is going on for a patient.

I thought this was a hilarious, emotional, effective means of communication for those of us who are healthcare providers that shed some light on what are patients with cancer go through.

Great film. Hope every caregiver, even cancer patients can see this."  /  DVD 46 min

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