The stuff of metaphor

Visual stories created from pulped combat uniforms.

Metaphoric journeys frequently extract symbolism from things that embody a deep inner sense of belonging, formations, and constructions as in totems, tapestries, landscapes. Imagine then what happens when non-material stuff of imagination as an expression for the inner visual creative journey takes on a new potency when the article of metaphor becomes real as in a worn uniform of a solider. Visual imagination becomes turbocharged and story telling takes on unchartered states for potential recovery and repair of the wounded being.

Visit this site and expand your own constructive interplay of the richness of material, texture and story. Every healing journey has a story!

Contact:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it The Combat Paper Press is a small, independent press dedicated to printing, binding and marketing small editions of poetry, stories and anthologies relating to veteran's issues.

Shades of creative imagination see Fusion journal for more ideas , Art therapy at its edge- get free download PDF !

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