The Energy Cure

Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing

William Bengston Ph.D.

titleThe Energy Cure is groundbreaking and will shatter how you see medicine forever, see review on web site or listen in.

The above was on my Twitter page announcing Sounds True pod cast of its interview with author William Bengston of the Energy Cure; in case listening is more to your liking!

The following is a deeper look into this groundbreaking book that required a disclaimer a half page long to protect the publisher and author!  WHY ! For starters it important to understand that western medicine for the most part rejects hands-on healing even though its underlying principles have been validated in experiments across a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines. "These include evidence for the existence of subtle bioenergy fields around living organisms; the ability of conscious intention to influence those fields, and the significance of emotion in heightening effects; the existence of information fields influencing behavior within a species, including the human species; proof that focused intention in the brain of a sender can affect the brain of a receiver; and proof that conscious intention can create physical effects regardless of time and distance (pg 264) . Here again it is important to have perspective regarding the reality of 21st century medicine. And that reality is medicine is in transition. In these works on energy-healing, guided imagery, Reiki, acupuncture and other complementary alternative therapies are the new forces influencing the transition. In the medical profession there are many-many practitioners who are embracing these new theories yet are hamstrung by the institutions they serve, the politics of the community they live in, and the corporations that manipulate them economically; a reality that can constrict or embolden. Each individual needs to find or help others find ways to navigate within these deep waters of change - William Bengston is such a navigator who holds out a compass.

In a previous review we heard the importance of evidence-based research as a tool for integrating the current model of medicine (Intentional Healing) with the new model of complementary alternative therapy. Terms like placebo, nocebo, entanglement, distant healing, prayer are taking on deeper layers of definitions as mounting research is constantly demonstrating significant results which contradict long-held established beliefs. The Energy Cure is a compilation of 35 years of research that is constantly challenging the establishment. Yet in no way is this a textbook weighed down by research, quite the contrary, it is a book about discovery, revelation, friendships, miracles and rigorous science. Its style is fluid its voice compelling its conclusions mind blowing. Richly textured which will engage every reader and inform each of us of as to what is on the horizon of energy healing.

Nocebo and Placebo not Yin and Yang

We read about the words placebo and nocebo becoming part of our medical lexicon. These are not new to science they just confound doctrine. In the placebo we are gifted with the interpretation that body-mind findings influences beyond rational expectation and in nocebo the conclusions regarding interpretation i.e. the non-acceptance of the findings are due to the negative attitude of the observer.  These dual forces of placebo and nocebo become part of our new institutional medical landscape not as opposites but as contradictions. Bengston now aptly quotes Augustine "miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature but only in contradiction to that which is known to us of nature".

The choice for inclusion in the Guided Imagery collective's in both the resource section and the innovation section is based on one simple yet profound necessity and that is to support evidence-based research while showing the contradictions that sway interpretation. One cannot separate the power of mind-body influences as they relate to healing energy. In the same vein one cannot separate imagination from mind-body influences as they relate to energy.  We all live creatively in an imaginal world, a world where energy is yet to be fully understood. "All truth passes through three stages: first it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer as quoted in the Energy Cure.

The Energy Cure gives us a glimpse into that healing nature not as a contradiction but as an exquisite passage, a warrior's path, a healer's passion for truth, a deep mentoring friendship and break-up. A story that will engage, inform, enlighten, and teach us how to expand consciousness into healing consciousness. I simply want to end here by quoting again from Bengston's quote from Canadian sociologist and energy healing historian Edward Mann, "Western civilization is virtually unique in history in its failure to recognize each human being as a subtle energy system in constant relationship to a vast sea of energies in the surrounding cosmos.? William Bengston is the navigator in the surrounding healing cosmos and an excellent guide for showing us new healing constellations. Everyone wanting a deeper understanding of mind-body, consciousness, potential guided imagery constellations, and most of all hands-on-healing will be well served in reading this book. Sounds True has also released a series of CDs Hands-On-Healing that are teaching tools regarding this material and soon to be reviewed. Stay tuned and thank you Sounds True and William Bengston.

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