Mining Google’s new app Entanglement! It gives us a guided imagery innovative tool !


Exciting breakthrough in pattern language

Looking for deepening perceptions and juxtaposing healing landscapes all in one - It’s here if you can open your horizons to embrace this app to blow fresh energy into your mental framework.

Here we have a tool that can be re-mixed or re-purposed into a new kind of coaching learning game. Using this as a kind of schematic that re-frames the entanglement pathways to infer that they are neuronal pathways that can be switched on or off as we engage in deeper visual or sensory explorations. An expanded map or process for inner explorations! Yes , please go there and see !

A kind of download using your powers of creative intelligence coupled with the exciting expression of the gifts of engaging in the deeper landscapes of patterns and connectivity, a metaphor for an inner guided imagery journey into a virtual imaginary living systems in integrating this game of entanglement! Be aware that channeling into constructs, calms one and can make elastic perception for deepening creative intelligence.

Imagine what can be explored by juxtaposing entanglements with neuronal pathways as a means to train perception into deeper sensory actions for training patients or health care professionals !

Kudos to both the creative guys that gave it to us (Todd Lewis who hangs out in Bellevue, Washington and Derek Detweiler who lives in Hickory, North Carolina) and their new company Gopherwood studios. Thanks also to Google for bringing it into our space. 

Stay tuned and open, lots more to come.

This is an example of how new innovation will have the means to channel innovative expressions into supporting the greater community in healing. Go to: 

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