A commentary/review on A New Culture Of Learning.



“Between the Gap” playing with technology and guided imagery. 

Thomas and Seely Brown’s A New Culture Of Learning is a significant work adding to the continuous flow of creative intelligence that takes the current horizon of science, technology and healing and gives them a push into unchartered waters. The book’s gifts lay in its re-framing the conversation regarding the power of digital media as a social collective, as a catalyst in re-energizing creative imagination, an imagination that has had its origin in a kind of cultural genesis embodied in an ecology of consciousness. This work is a form of amped-up cross-pollination, tacitly germinating, fertilizing the current integrative culture of healing arts, creative imagination, and guided imagery all-in-one while rarely addressing them (except in its subtitle "cultivating the imagination for a world of constant change".


a new free guided imagery experience


A new release

Experience where technology, science, nature and healing intersect! See a new kind of Powerpoint guided Imagery tool kit : Deeper guided imagery visual palette and liquid centers 1.4 http://slidesha.re/hcEwwj ( wait and read resource as well! ) http://www.guidedimagerycollective.org/guided-imagery-resources/blog

With the ever evolving learning’s in neuro-biology, plasticity, mindfulness as well as an impressive array of creative energy expanding healing horizons in medicine, architecture and design  technology the Guided Imagery Collective, exploring creating a deeper approach to healing energy and  spirit mind-body consciousness, has developed its first offering and is releasing a new guided imagery toolset for health care professionals ( Nurses ) practitioners, caregivers, and anyone seeking healing intelligence. This is a free toolset for enhancing learning as well as expanding the building blocks of a visual healing intelligence. A Storyboard Tool Kit: Centers of liquid light. 


Mining Google’s new app Entanglement! It gives us a guided imagery innovative tool !


Exciting breakthrough in pattern language

Looking for deepening perceptions and juxtaposing healing landscapes all in one - It’s here if you can open your horizons to embrace this app to blow fresh energy into your mental framework.

Here we have a tool that can be re-mixed or re-purposed into a new kind of coaching learning game. Using this as a kind of schematic that re-frames the entanglement pathways to infer that they are neuronal pathways that can be switched on or off as we engage in deeper visual or sensory explorations. An expanded map or process for inner explorations! Yes , please go there and see !


Guided Imagery and John Ioannidis


Ioannidis and one more for the Placebo effect! Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong

Ok why is this innovative or who is innovative ? If the very framework of medical investigation may be  off kilter then we have a new world to journey forth in and explore. For starters it opens the door in challenging the myth of evidence-based research dictating procedures or medications. And better yet it shifts the conversation into more neutral territory regarding how as health consumers we vet information. In turn, once the playing field is neutralized new thinking and better technologies can enter the healing landscape. Read the articles and see what you get from it!


Jonna's Body, please hold

A Cancerous Dark Comedy

titleDoes guided imagery have a dark side and if so can it be comedic? See for yourself

I just finished reviewing this movie with my daughter who has undergone ten surgeries in the last three years in her cancer journey and I can report that this film was the highlight of our day. Why because it struck home in ways which are at the core of one’s humanity. Jung has said in order to see the light one has to befriend darkness. Here darkness is playfully seen for what it is. Cancer is the intruder and the body victorious.So what’s this have to do with guided Imagery you might ask and why is it so innovative. Simply this material offers a profound inner visual landscape which memory stores as images which can be called upon to see the light. When my daughter needed to have yet another procedure and was in the emergency ward she was reminded of some of the scenes from this film which gave her inner strength, Why innovative simple - it’s brilliant in dealing with aspects of something that is deeply embodied and that can bring healing, Just ask Norman Cousins.

We are fortunate enough to find a number of reviews for Jonna’s body by our community of cancer dancers and if you are interested please read on.


The stuff of metaphor

Visual stories created from pulped combat uniforms.

Metaphoric journeys frequently extract symbolism from things that embody a deep inner sense of belonging, formations, and constructions as in totems, tapestries, landscapes. Imagine then what happens when non-material stuff of imagination as an expression for the inner visual creative journey takes on a new potency when the article of metaphor becomes real as in a worn uniform of a solider. Visual imagination becomes turbocharged and story telling takes on unchartered states for potential recovery and repair of the wounded being.

Visit this site and expand your own constructive interplay of the richness of material, texture and story. Every healing journey has a story!

Contact:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it The Combat Paper Press is a small, independent press dedicated to printing, binding and marketing small editions of poetry, stories and anthologies relating to veteran's issues.

Shades of creative imagination see Fusion journal for more ideas , Art therapy at its edge- get free download PDF !  http://bit.ly/cbvbm3


The Energy Cure

Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing

William Bengston Ph.D.

titleThe Energy Cure is groundbreaking and will shatter how you see medicine forever, see review on web site or listen in.

The above was on my Twitter page announcing Sounds True pod cast of its interview with author William Bengston of the Energy Cure; in case listening is more to your liking!

The following is a deeper look into this groundbreaking book that required a disclaimer a half page long to protect the publisher and author!  WHY ! For starters it important to understand that western medicine for the most part rejects hands-on healing even though its underlying principles have been validated in experiments across a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines. "These include evidence for the existence of subtle bioenergy fields around living organisms; the ability of conscious intention to influence those fields, and the significance of emotion in heightening effects; the existence of information fields influencing behavior within a species, including the human species; proof that focused intention in the brain of a sender can affect the brain of a receiver; and proof that conscious intention can create physical effects regardless of time and distance (pg 264) . Here again it is important to have perspective regarding the reality of 21st century medicine. And that reality is medicine is in transition. In these works on energy-healing, guided imagery, Reiki, acupuncture and other complementary alternative therapies are the new forces influencing the transition. In the medical profession there are many-many practitioners who are embracing these new theories yet are hamstrung by the institutions they serve, the politics of the community they live in, and the corporations that manipulate them economically; a reality that can constrict or embolden. Each individual needs to find or help others find ways to navigate within these deep waters of change - William Bengston is such a navigator who holds out a compass.


A practical guide to spiritual intelligence

David B. King

Closing the intelligence gap!

titleWhy should you read this e-book, the quick answer is it tells you what it is, breaks it down and lets you know how you measure up!

David King's e-book is a welcome addition to the guided imagery collective's innovation section as a directional compass in dealing with life?s array of mindfulness like puzzles. Basically, innovation is a by-product of intelligence in that it is the jumping off point into breakthroughs. Intelligent breakthroughs therefore when sharing a common language regarding quality-of-life and wellness are of significance. In a brief introduction King shares a definition of intelligence as (1) the ability to think, reason, and solve problems. (2) The ability to take in, process, and apply new information. (3) The ability to learn from experience. And the common word for all three is ability. So this is the path King?s practical guide takes us on; exploring the layers of intelligence and the desired goal of closing our own gap in achieving desired states of greater intelligence. The guided imagery collective wanted to bring it to everyone?s attention because there is a shifting healing intelligence and we think spiritual intelligence is one major pathway in that it empowers one, deepens access to qualities that elevate being-ness and wholeness. Interested then please read on!

Complementary alternative medicine is bringing into the health arena a new vocabulary, new modalities, and new healing constructs. With the new come degrees of divisions and interpretations. Camps on one side require evidence-based research to validate states of consciousness presently perceived (by many) to be theoretically unsupportable regarding the rigors of evidence-based research and therefore un-scientific or at least not held in esteem. On the other side one has a diverse array of thinkers as broad as physicists to the Dalai Lama, as biologists to cosmologists building gentle bridges and finding the commonality to deepen intelligence and in some instances chip away at evidence-based research with some early significant findings and gaining high levels of adoption. David King brings his skills in finding where evidence-based may accommodate some new breakthroughs. So what is intelligence when one is confronted with the eternal dualism of spirit and matter?

From the guided imagery collective perspective one thing is certain which is medical research is quantitative i.e. data driven, data produces information, information can lead to knowledge, and knowledge to intelligence. While King's guide isn't a research study (google intelligence and enjoy) his Practical Guide to Spiritual Intelligence is lives in the evidence based box and he brings clarity in his maps to the building blocks leading us to spiritual-like intelligence. King gives a definition from a psychological perspective that can be described as a set of mental abilities that contribute to the awareness, integration, and adaptive application of the non-material and transcendent aspects of one's existence.


A Creative Dialogue with our Genes

 A Creative Dialogue with our Genes
New maps for deepening healing / guided Imagery
titleSo much of the new bodymind discussion is taking place in the mindfulness camp, yet there are equally profound attractors for the neurobiological model with genes and cells. Rossi has offered up an innovative model for deepening mind-body psychotherapy and healing; one that the Guided Imagery Collective proposes has significant implications in reaching into states of wellness and healing for patients dealing with illnesses. This free e-book Creative Dialogue builds the case for gene expression and is an excellent read for practitioners and interested readers wanting deeper insights into Rossi’s works. His web site http://www.ernestrossi.com/ is a wonderful knowledge bank to get a sense of his vision and passion. I have the pleasure of knowing Dr. Rossi and his passion is contagious - let me explain.
The Guided Imagery Collectives’ focus around this work is essentially – “long term changes in behavior does so through gene expression”. (Gene expression is the process by which information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product). Here Rossi quotes Eric Kandel “Insofar as psychotherapy or counseling is effective and produces long term changes in behavior, it presumably does so through learning, by producing changes in gene expression that alters the strength of synaptic connections and structural changes that alter the anatomical pattern of interconnections (italics by Rossi) not incorporated in the sperm and egg and therefore are not transmitted genetically”. This book doesn’t stop there,  it deals with other layers of breakthrough concepts.

Genes and Humpty Dumpty


Healing environments: space/place & wholeness

If architecture can explore designing for longevity as it is here regarding how we can survive in environments that can influence wholeness. And if the constructs or home-spaces can influence wellness and if visual perception creates reality then guided imagery and architecture too have a destiny. Just read Luminous Ground by Christopher Alexander to get a sense of the future possible.

The obvious question that looms bright is imagine that our bodies are architecture, space and place scapes of biological constructs, patterns, textures all interplay for healing and wellness. We build our healing interior sanctuaries.


Imagination & games: a new guided imagery frontier

The annual Games for Health Conference recently concluded in Boston. Healthymagination was in attendance and was blown away by the amazing future of the intersection between games and health. Doctors, researchers and game designers from all over the world came and shared their exciting work on the fringes of play and technology.

While not a game in the traditional market sense guided imagery is a powerful healing modality when integrated into an experience that can stimulate neural activity. It becomes a powerful medium when channeled into the realm of wellness and healing in that it activates many networks that have a direct influence on switching on or off genes. The fields of neurobiology and body-mind science have mapped many significant connections and with new technology in the collaborative hands of developers and health professional imagine what is just around the healing corner.


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