A practical guide to spiritual intelligence

David B. King

Closing the intelligence gap!

titleWhy should you read this e-book, the quick answer is it tells you what it is, breaks it down and lets you know how you measure up!

David King's e-book is a welcome addition to the guided imagery collective's innovation section as a directional compass in dealing with life?s array of mindfulness like puzzles. Basically, innovation is a by-product of intelligence in that it is the jumping off point into breakthroughs. Intelligent breakthroughs therefore when sharing a common language regarding quality-of-life and wellness are of significance. In a brief introduction King shares a definition of intelligence as (1) the ability to think, reason, and solve problems. (2) The ability to take in, process, and apply new information. (3) The ability to learn from experience. And the common word for all three is ability. So this is the path King?s practical guide takes us on; exploring the layers of intelligence and the desired goal of closing our own gap in achieving desired states of greater intelligence. The guided imagery collective wanted to bring it to everyone?s attention because there is a shifting healing intelligence and we think spiritual intelligence is one major pathway in that it empowers one, deepens access to qualities that elevate being-ness and wholeness. Interested then please read on!

Complementary alternative medicine is bringing into the health arena a new vocabulary, new modalities, and new healing constructs. With the new come degrees of divisions and interpretations. Camps on one side require evidence-based research to validate states of consciousness presently perceived (by many) to be theoretically unsupportable regarding the rigors of evidence-based research and therefore un-scientific or at least not held in esteem. On the other side one has a diverse array of thinkers as broad as physicists to the Dalai Lama, as biologists to cosmologists building gentle bridges and finding the commonality to deepen intelligence and in some instances chip away at evidence-based research with some early significant findings and gaining high levels of adoption. David King brings his skills in finding where evidence-based may accommodate some new breakthroughs. So what is intelligence when one is confronted with the eternal dualism of spirit and matter?

From the guided imagery collective perspective one thing is certain which is medical research is quantitative i.e. data driven, data produces information, information can lead to knowledge, and knowledge to intelligence. While King's guide isn't a research study (google intelligence and enjoy) his Practical Guide to Spiritual Intelligence is lives in the evidence based box and he brings clarity in his maps to the building blocks leading us to spiritual-like intelligence. King gives a definition from a psychological perspective that can be described as a set of mental abilities that contribute to the awareness, integration, and adaptive application of the non-material and transcendent aspects of one's existence.

If one is to define some states of illness as an adaptive application of the non-material meaning of the feelings that are brought about from the rupture of harmony called disease then one can quickly see the relevance of having a perspective such as that of spiritual intelligence. In fact the reason that the new language of healing has embraced the construct of spirit mind body is precisely for this reason ? to apply the integration and adaptive application of a transcendent aspect of one's existence [ED. Wellness, wholeness].

In this practical guide we are guided through a small (The entire e-book is a compact 27 pages) of simple scored exercises, which become pointers or measures of the gap that is present in our own search in advancing integration of intelligence on a variety of scales. As a tool the practical guide can be likened to a fitness guide in that we are scored through a series of exercises to give us a current levels leading up to our spiritual intelligence as a prompt to achieve greater levels of performance regarding our consciousness (spiritual intelligence).

The "practical guide" offers an approach for working through some potential goals that have been surfacing in integral healing. Specifically, in the visionary work of Holistic Nursing we find In their 2009 Handbook for Holistic Nursing serious attention devoted to spiritual intelligence and the depth of formation required if one is to integrate the other layers of intelligence or states of development; in theory the greater the nurse?s consciousness the greater the healing environment and power to transmit healing energy. We are seeing early signs of integration, theoretical constructs that are moving us into new modalities for applying spiritual intelligence, which embody love and compassion. King's intelligence maps should be welcomed tools.

In summary David King's practical guide is a meaningful tool for bridging gaps and divisions, a roadmap for developing intelligence, a knowledge bank for getting us closer to our spiritual intelligence.This e-book is available at:http://www.dbking.net/spiritualintelligence/ebook.htm             
Or see his site for other materials at his Website:http://www.dbking.net
or Blog:http://davidbothered.blogspot.com

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