A Creative Dialogue with our Genes

 A Creative Dialogue with our Genes
New maps for deepening healing / guided Imagery
titleSo much of the new bodymind discussion is taking place in the mindfulness camp, yet there are equally profound attractors for the neurobiological model with genes and cells. Rossi has offered up an innovative model for deepening mind-body psychotherapy and healing; one that the Guided Imagery Collective proposes has significant implications in reaching into states of wellness and healing for patients dealing with illnesses. This free e-book Creative Dialogue builds the case for gene expression and is an excellent read for practitioners and interested readers wanting deeper insights into Rossi’s works. His web site http://www.ernestrossi.com/ is a wonderful knowledge bank to get a sense of his vision and passion. I have the pleasure of knowing Dr. Rossi and his passion is contagious - let me explain.
The Guided Imagery Collectives’ focus around this work is essentially – “long term changes in behavior does so through gene expression”. (Gene expression is the process by which information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product). Here Rossi quotes Eric Kandel “Insofar as psychotherapy or counseling is effective and produces long term changes in behavior, it presumably does so through learning, by producing changes in gene expression that alters the strength of synaptic connections and structural changes that alter the anatomical pattern of interconnections (italics by Rossi) not incorporated in the sperm and egg and therefore are not transmitted genetically”. This book doesn’t stop there,  it deals with other layers of breakthrough concepts.

Genes and Humpty Dumpty

Rossi states “It is time to put the organism back together again. It is time to visit a much more social gene, a gene whose whole function is to integrate some of the many different functions of the body, and a gene whose existence gives life to the mind-body dualism that plagues our mental image of the human person. The brain, the body, and the genome are locked, all three, in a dance. The genome is as much under the control of the other two as they are controlled by it. That is partly why genetic determinism is a myth”.

Of central interest for the Guided Imagery Collective is adoption of a hypothesis that offers a breakthrough of old rigid constructs that prevent us from embracing deeper states of consciousness and that eventually can lead us to a spirit mind body therapy. If this new thinking regarding gene expression informs our beliefs we would begin to advance how we engage our creative imagination/intelligence and how we engage with our cells and genes and Yes our capacity to use guided imagery and like therapies for healing! This is why Ernest Rossi is the mentor of the Guided Imagery Collective. He has envisioned a map that can bring into all the complementary alternative medicines deeper expressions for influencing healing. Again Rossi “The switching on and off of human genes can be influenced by conscious or unconscious external action … genes need to be switched on, and external events—or free-willed behavior—can switch on genes … Social influences upon behavior work through the switching on and off of genes … The psychological precedes the physical. The mind drives the body, which drives the genome” (ed. cellular and, to a limited extent, at the protein level). Having models that impress upon the user of Guided Imagery such a lens of gene expression may have significant implications. Note that evidence-based research has shown belief and the powerful outcomes that are medically driving much of the bodymind therapies, i.e. the placebo effect or as some practitioners conceptualize as a meaning response has redefined healing. Aspects of knowledge based on information can be redirected and reframed into intelligence, a healing intelligence when possibly adapted from constructs such as gene expression; an intelligence that may lead to a strengthening of our relationship to our sense of empowerment and wellness. Rossi isn’t going to lead us to the Promised Land (it’s time to surrender those roles of high priests or gurus) but he is an excellent guide for orienting us to deeper awakening of the harmony and beauty of harnessing those latent powers within the field of being! Be informed and breakthrough!

Free download at http://www.ernestrossi.com/  

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