Press Release for Health Care Professionals

Guided Imagery going social to help health professionals up the level of managed self-care.

ASHEVILLE / VENICE, AUGUST 2010 - With increased awareness comes opportunity and yes, deeper conversations. Complementary alternative medicine is gaining deeper ground from within the institutional healthcare workforce. Integrative practices are seeing more advocates thus the need for informing and empowering patients takes on a new dimension in a new media rich social landscape.

One is already seeing adoption for relaxation related therapies as in meditation and guided imagery reaching into major teaching institutions influencing entire disciplines from nursing to physicians. This is in a large part due to the breakthroughs of research in body mind medicine and health consumers increased usage of alternative therapies. The importance of this trend should not be under estimated as the knowledge base expands and adoption grows.

Meeting this new wave of need is the launching of the Guided Imagery Collective, a new media initiative combining the Internet with social media.

As the name implies, the Guided Imagery Collective is a user-friendly web experience for healthcare professionals, care givers and health consumers; a never-ending fountain of lessons and insights delivering new communication tools and a collective for both innovation and rivers of knowledge, education, and experiences.

The Guided Imagery Collective's mission is to organically extend reach to: Improve access as a means to help educate healthcare professionals and consumers in experiencing the best of guided imagery, meditation and related CAM therapies and materials. Expand the collective knowledge base regarding the direct relationship between relaxation, meditation and guided imagery through social media like strategies. Encourage innovation through new media / technology for developing the next generation of guided imagery tools and related skills­. And inspire more beings into exploring guided imagery and related therapies for greater wellness through the power of one’s inner healer.

The inspiration for the Guided Imagery Collective began with the founder’s (Said Osio) experience in seeking alternative therapies for the treatment of his daughter's cancer related side effects. In seeking advice from the healthcare profession he was informed that it was best to follow the protocols of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and medications. It was not until his daughter’s nurse navigator intervened that he became aware of the practice of integrative oncology, which he incorporated into his daughter’s team, shifting the entire healing mindset. In his words, "As a father I found it very challenging to wade through the labyrinth of websites and things purported to be effective tools and found it even more frustrating dealing with the blank stares when asking advice from our non integrative-oncologist on treating my daughter's cancer through other therapies. It was our nurse navigator’s compassionate intervention that the dots started connecting and is the reason I started the Guided Imagery Collective. What was patently clear was we where dealing with two discreet camps within the profession. It also became clear that the profession is adapting and can do with some help!” All are welcome to visit

José Said Osio founder and Michael Rey Creative Director - Publisher started the Guided Imagery collective as an Intersection + Publishing venture. They both have extensive experience in design, publishing, marketing communication within the not-for-profit sector in areas of development, diversity, leadership, education, health and the arts. Contact: Jose’ Said Osio

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