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Press Release for Health Care Professionals

Guided Imagery going social to help health professionals up the level of managed self-care.

ASHEVILLE / VENICE, AUGUST 2010 - With increased awareness comes opportunity and yes, deeper conversations. Complementary alternative medicine is gaining deeper ground from within the institutional healthcare workforce. Integrative practices are seeing more advocates thus the need for informing and empowering patients takes on a new dimension in a new media rich social landscape.

One is already seeing adoption for relaxation related therapies as in meditation and guided imagery reaching into major teaching institutions influencing entire disciplines from nursing to physicians. This is in a large part due to the breakthroughs of research in body mind medicine and health consumers increased usage of alternative therapies. The importance of this trend should not be under estimated as the knowledge base expands and adoption grows.

Meeting this new wave of need is the launching of the Guided Imagery Collective, a new media initiative combining the Internet with social media.