You can doubt but you can’t deny more new finding make a compelling case!

Agnostics - the information is compelling on how guided imagery and related therapies or practices as meditation works.

The good news is the evidence for the efficacy of guided imagery and its empowering influences on wellness is a mere 5000 years old and well documented and thanks to the internet accessible. The bad news culturally we have empowered high priests to care for us rather then our inner healer!
The best news is CHANGE is here. Read more

If Guided Imagery and meditation are to imprint in our collective consciousness then articulation regarding the why of its efficacy is one critical pathway and one, which will consistently be explored, in the guided imagery collective! What we as a culture offer up as shared beliefs hold our ability to transform illness and inform wellness! Check out these resources.

The Persuasive Appeal of Alternative Medicine
The cultural diversity of healing: meaning, metaphor and mechanism (pdf)

Drill down. You will have pathways to enable your own constructs to enter into guided imagery modalities.

Guided Imagery Perspectives:

The Persuasive Appeal of Alternative Medicine
Ted J. Kaptchuk, OMD; and David M. Eisenberg, MD

Alternative medicine has a major presence and persuasive attraction in the industrialized western world. The extent to which these practices have clinical efficacy according to biomedical criteria is a matter of ongoing research and debate. It may be that independent of any such efficacy, the attraction of alternative medicine is related to the power of its underlying shared beliefs and cultural assumptions. The fundamental premises are an advocacy of nature, vitalism, “science,” and spirituality. These themes offer patients a participatory experience of empowerment, authenticity, and enlarged self-identity when illness threatens their sense of intactness and connection to the world. A discussion of these themes may enable conventionally trained clinicians to better understand their patients' attraction to and acceptance of alternative medical therapies.

The major presence of alternative medicine in western culture has been well documented [1, 2]. Discussion has focused on whether these practices have any biomedical efficacy and on potential adverse consequences. We examined the possibility that the cultural beliefs and contextual practices of alternative medicine frame a pathway of words, behaviors, and experiences that people find persuasive, compelling, and, ultimately, restorative. Shared cultural assumptions may provide a vehicle for an enlarged sense of self and a renewed sense of morality and purpose. This inquiry is not meant to advocate or debunk alternative medicine; rather, it describes cultural and epistemologic dimensions of alternative medicine, which are too often overlooked.

For those of you who like maps, my passion, register for a free PDF on  A hierarchy of healing mechanisms.

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