Yoga and mindfulness A cross-over



Yoga and mindfulness  A cross-over

As the medical field continues to embrace mindfulness meditation and other forms of spirit mindbody modalities it is evident that there is an abundance of teachings supportive of these new systems for healing that can be accessed readily in many major spiritual works. This morning I was struck by these particular teachings found in the yoga Sutra's of Patanjali* as I was finalizing a new guided imagery offering as a training for developing a visual vocabulary for accessing healing states of conscious.

These verses amplify what the new sciences are promoting which is spiritual presence embodying fields of consciousness which are accessible through states of inner intentional awareness. You'll note that this awareness is referenced in these teachings as both meditation and concentration. I have just completed the first phase of a new deeper guided imagery palette which is being released shortly and I wanted to include in this blog one of the slides from my presentation illustrating the concept of consciousness into Spirit mind-body fields of energy. I will continue to deepen this exploration between Spirit mind-body in the Hindu texts which frame an inner path and are the foundation for much of mindfulness teachings (Buddha’s origin was Hinduism) and present them on a regular basis.

From the yoga Sutra of Patanjali

Chapter ll verse 32

“in the light of intelligence illuminating the lifestyle, arise the following observances: purity of body, mind and environment, contentment, psychic fire that simplifies life and purifies the heart, self–study or constant vigilance, and surrender to or worship of the indwelling omnipresence.”

verse 36

when there is firm grounding in the perception of what is, or of truth, it is seen that action and reaction, seed and its fruits, or cause and result are related to each other; and a clear vision of intelligence becomes directly aware of this relationship.

verse 43

the inner psychic fire destroys all impurities of the heart and mind, and brings about the health, sanity, wholeness or perfection of the physical and vital being [the inner senses].

Chapter lll verse 1

when the attention of the mind–stuff is directed in a single stream to a chosen field, without being dissipated and thus distracted–that is concentration

verse 2

when the cognition is entirely concentrated in that field thus becoming its own field of observation–that is, when the observer is observed–it is meditation.


Summary: Consciousness is embodied in every aspect of living systems and is the active principle in spirit. This awareness if allowed to deepen and fashion ways for impressing our states of mindbody awareness in everyday encounters with our environment and thoughts will have an influence on our field of energy and healing potential. Again the mantra is where attention (consciousness as an intelligence) flows neurons grow. Lots more on this in the 1st section of “The Dream is Real a tool box for guided imagery” in a few weeks. Stay tuned and be well! Namaste Said


* Patañjali (150 BCE or 2nd c. BCE is the compiler of the Yoga Sutras, an important collection of aphorisms on Yoga practice. According to tradition, the same Patañjali was also the author of the Mah?bh??ya, a commentary on as well as an unspecified work of medicine (?yurveda). In recent decades the Yoga Sutra has become quite popular worldwide for the precepts regarding practice of Raja Yoga and its philosophical basis. "Yoga" in traditional Hinduism involves inner contemplation, a system of meditation practice and ethics.)

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