YES healing is a self-creating principle!

Welcome to guided imagery’s new positive energy ground. Deepen our appreciation of Guided Imagery and related modalities such as meditation and other practices. Picture our wellbeing in the well of imagination’s gifts.

Guided Imagery and mindfulness witnessing
 (Meditation) are healing formulas.

We don’t need to let illness scare us!

Knowledge is the key and knowing has a diversity and complexity that can engage or deter. The good news is it’s a journey that will enrich one’s wellbeing! Just read on!

The timeless axiom that echoes throughout most cultures is you are only afraid of what you don’t know. We can come to befriend the levels of the self, uncover and peel back the old and swim in the deeper still waters of the new; waters that mirror the whole self. Witnessing, the why of what we do and identify our strengths and weaknesses. What is clear is we can become more awake, more sensitized. Too many of us don’t know yet know how to do this level of honest inquiry because we haven’t questioned ourselves enough and haven’t acquired enough knowledge and experiences in sensing and listening. The body of teaching on learning how to effectively use our body mind to focus and to modulate our thoughts, impressions, feelings are skills that are gaining a powerful foothold and are now readily available – seek and you shall encounter if we put in the effort and determination. Come - we truly can influence our own self-healing!

Challenge unwanted negative assumptions

Start the journey and challenge our existing assumptions regarding our role in our own healing, our healing potentials, then about our limiting counter productive assumptions about our capability, ability and competence. Learn to create bridges connecting to our creative energy as you strengthen your mentality to dance, fight, wrestle, and embrace illness and our fear. Our capacity will increase if we create a different perception of our present reality. We can change the way we think about ourselves - about our circumstances through understanding and applying a few fundamental principles. It doesn’t take a hundred things to change our thinking; just a few will create the difference.

Always the great debate is who is this I? Who is this driver? Who is this actualizer? It is the WE that is the collective community that supports this journey for we are all in this together. The team of caregivers that helps us all to see the roles we each carry forward in healing! Compassionate service then becomes the gifts that carry our beings in this landscape of possibility.

Healing criteria is in starting to work in our own gardens, to walk our path. We then have a way to improve our self-efficacy and to know whether something is working as evidenced by the being of it. If it fails to produce the result, we can go on trying expanding our learning, a virtuous circle. Ask ourselves what will happen if we go a little further and try one more little thing and take the next step. If it works, we probably have enough information. Our successful performance will raise our self-efficacy, motivate and deepen our belief about our competency and effectiveness and inspire us to identify our unique self, instead of others, with success. Guided Imagery is a friend as is meditation, a living encounter with our soul and spirit.


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