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titleThe Yoga of mindfulness and exploring guided imagery and the Bhagavad-Gita


The initial process of this healing journey through a deep-guided imagery palette has its roots as far back as in the ancient wisdom schools of the Hindu Vedas predating Christianity and Buddhism. In these teachings of the Vedas the body of human beings was understood to have three distinct bodies a physical body a subtle body and the causal body. Within the schools of the healing arts throughout all traditions there has been recognition that human beings enjoy a spiritual energy dynamic. In the recent last two decades the sciences of physics and medicine are validating what the ancients believed. Within contemporary society many believe structures are rooted in a dualistic nature that of dogma and that of faith. Find out why!

 Institutional healing primarily lives in the dogma camp for the time being. This dichotomy is being played out within the centerpiece of medicine and being labeled as complementary alternative medicine or spirit-mind body. In the complementary alternative medicine (cam) lives guided imagery as well as relaxation and meditation and hypnosis. Relaxation and meditation have established themselves with-in institutional medicine and in so doing have compiled a significant body of evidence-based research. This evidence-based research has application and implications regarding how healing intelligence influences living systems in the human body. These living systems have direct correlation to aspects of the minds relationship to imagery. It is my belief that those relationships can be amplified and thus deepening the healing process. The following material is a triangulation of three disciplines within this new spirit mind-body model. Relaxation, meditation, and neuropsychoimmunology. 


Plasticity, mindfulness and the yoga of guided imagery


In looking at the model of relaxation meditation and neuropsychoimmunology on the one hand and then mindfulness on the other we have a perfect intersection for deep guided imagery in that deep guided imagery is both an in-growth and outgrowth of harmonious / holistic states of spirit-mind body consciousness. Spirit-mindbody when accessed through deep mental states, which I refer to as intuitive states have healing potential and are doorways for entering into healing states. The term intuition as is being used for this blog is rooted beyond our everyday living or cognitive patterns of thinking. It lives in the states of awareness often refer to as premonitions, insights, gut feelings, AHA moments that spring forth from deep rarely understood fields of awareness. What is known is that through the breath, relaxation, schools of bodywork and other complementary alternative therapies intuition's volume or frequency is amplified and more accessible.


Mindfulness the new default mentalization school 


Mindfulness a school of Buddhism is becoming the default mentalization for bridging  states of awareness leading to early states of intuition. By itself it is proving effective in helping patients and clients in their relationship to living healthy lives but it is also gaining wide acceptance because of the extensive body of brain mind research on plasticity and other finding within the science of neuropsychoimmuninology that have clearly been pivotal to its acceptance within medicine. But there is more that one can do to enhance deep states of holism and is in combining the yoga of spiritual intension into mentalization or mindfulness. In the Bhagavad-Gita (one of the great holy books of Hinduism) the commentaries of Paramahansa Yogananda, (The main theme throughout the Gita; that their lies within man ignorance within the physical self which causes separateness between limited identification and spirit; and by reunion through meditation, man attaches itself from an ultimately dissolves the compelling forces of nature that perpetuate the delusive dichotomy of the self in spirit. It is through communion with spirit that the ever healing energy of spirit is recovered and healing energy regained) in his masterful treatise on the science of meditation, we are given the blueprint for a deep-guided imagery that integrates both yoga and Mindfulness.The advanced student should meditate deeply until his thoughts become dissolved into intuition. (ed. I will address the double bind many of us encounter as beginners in this vast inner journey at the end)  In the lake of intuition, free from the waves of thought, the Yogi can see the unruffled reflection of the moon of the soul. Forgetting his dreams of the body, he knows that the soul exists behind the screen of thoughts and is therefore unknown to them. When the yogi perceives the soul as made in the image of Spirit, he knows himself to be unchangeable, un-manifested, and ever calm, like the spirit. All devotees should meditate and interiorize their consciousness until they realize the true nature of the soul. Spirit as experienced as through intuition to a lesser degree and by deepening levels of consciousness coupled by mindfulness in a greater degree awaken our identification beyond that of a limited body that is incapable of self healing. It is in our ability to experience them through imagination, intuition as well as mindfulness. The capacity for recovery of vital energy is dramatically altered when one projects those forces that create the bodily form that are embedded in the memory of our cellular fields of energy. 


Healing energy as an embedded Memory 


This is the yoga of mindfulness opening the door of intuition and states of memory embedded in spirit. This un- blocking or un-winding is different from deconstruction in that these intuitive deeper yogas of mindfulness are tapping into the essence of healing energy memories that are imprinted and are resident in both mindfulness and fields of energy or spirit-mindbody. Where mindfulness reminds one of the intention, yoga i.e. union of knowledge that embodies guided imagery reminds us of the Changeless Witness of spirit. When illness is confronted through the lens of the changeless witness or the spirit, its hold is shattered and allows for healing energies to once again vibrate creating states of harmony. It is with this understanding that the guided imagery palette deepens our ability to sense the boundaries that shadow healing energy, that divide spirit from matter, and that block healing potential from memory. Yes, mindfulness opens the door and the intuitive nature embedded in spirit which is the healing energy that walks through that door tapping our other living systems to switch on genes and molecules for healing. When one identifies purely with the body then where does the body's boundaries lay. When one identifies with Spirit mind-body those boundaries then become boundless and we gain entry into realms of vast fields of quantum healing energy.


We are not outsiders

For those of us who strive to be in spirit and yet fumble given our unique trials, mindfulness or yoga meditation seem beyond reach thus adding yet one more obstacle to beat our selves up over by seeing ourselves as outsiders. Help is on the way because we do have inner guidance systems in our own living systems and fields of nature, right here in our bodily abode.  The maxim for reconciliation is framed beautifully in the comfort zone of "I feel like I'm Coming Home" - not a pleasure state but a healing state. The guided imagery collective is in the process of developing a collection of tools called the guided imagery palette as a course study for entering into these deep comfort states , states that combine both intuition and mindfulness through a selective array of simple visual/ imaginative creative tools. Stay tuned the course study will be available in early spring! Namaste Said



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