What choice do I have? How do I know?


Which CD is better for me and how do I know ?

Just how suited is one when it comes right down to it regarding which materials or tools that can best serve our healing. In reflecting on this question it came to me that is it any different from selecting which styles of dress best server us, which foods best serve us, which doctors can best serve us?  I see it as coming down to beliefs. For most of us we culturally often defer to the experts, next we defer to the media, next we defer to the trend of the month club all filtered through the lens of our spiritual beliefs, our socio-cultural beliefs, or personality type; as defined by astrology, Meyer Briggs personality profiling, ennegrams etc.

But for many of us the luxury of sorting this out is a painful reality when it comes to finding the right remedy for a loved one, for a patient or for ourselves. So what to do? Medically speaking we are advised that the physician knows best and that physician directed treatment is the safest journey. We are beginning to see therapists and physicians partnering and prescribing treatments so that model suggests expansion beyond physician now to include therapist and physician. A triad model suggests doctor, therapist and caregiver as the three points of a triangle directing patient well-being. Additionally in the mix is the financial reality with insurance and its direct influence on all of the above, which too often directs the treatment course one follows.

A Slippery Slope

So just where does the patient stand regarding self-care management - on a slippery slope for many. Clearly institutionally speaking the scientific method of evidence-based research guarantees a high degree of probability measurable statistically and funded accordingly through insurance. So the course for many is safety in numbers just follow the prescribed treatment of the physician and statistically the odds are on the table regarding recovery. But wait a minute what about the placebo effect doesn't that contradict evidence-based observations  - yes it does. Wait a minute don't certain schools of psychology run counter to prescribed institutional medicine  - certainly. Wait a minute doesn't energy healing circumvent many forms of medical intervention  - yes they do. Wait a minute how about prayer and distant healing as an intervention in patient recovery when traditional medicine has folded its tent and moved on–of course. This is all a preamble for assessing multiple points of view regarding systems of healing. Help is on the way!

A new desk reference entitled Clinicians and Educators Desk Reference on the Licensed Complementary and Alternative Health Care Professions (http://www.accahc.org/) is a good step to educate patients, healthcare professionals, educators, students and those responsible for future clinical research and healthcare policy. It is assumed that this desk reference will add much clarity to an important corner of the national debate about reshaping of America's health care system. It covers the current field such as Guided Imagery and Integrative Medicine. Yes it will help and have an impact on the debate. As for the outcome note the word is licensed (ask chiropractors or acupuncturists Herbert Benson and Relaxation Response, the harbinger for legitimizing Mindfulness Meditation, for a guess as to when the door opens for new healers or new systems). Relaxation response has been around for over forty years and only recently begun to receive the establishment’s support. So in reality the challenge regarding self-care management boils down to ME! An informed me, an intuitive me, a creative and playful me. A me that believes in the art of healing that believes in the art of possibility that believes in spirit mind-body. A me that believes is visualization, guided imagery, yoga, walking, Reiki or what ever feels right. Sure the me can be skeptical but in the final analysis a me that acts, that is willing to embrace healing, wellness and wholeness is the me that defines the best self for deepening one's healing journey. Click over to resources / CD and explore some new offerings.

See Bengston’s Hands-on-Healing (see CD reviews)

See Ison's Pain Management System (see CD reviews)

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