The Collective morphs


The collective morphs into a collaboration

There is a new offering and a new team

3rd Messenger and Aqteshna Ana 

  3rd Messenger’s purpose is to inspire, support and foster heart centered caring by sharing experiences that can enhance “being”. Being in contemplative states leading to integrated wholeness i.e. sacred presence, a means of  holding, transmitting  and honoring the great wisdom traditions for comforting the suffering.  

 3rd Messenger is a form of holding group an amalgam offering contemplative visual and sonic experiences for those whose lives are touched by being caregivers or receivers. It is a collective of sorts incorporating contemplative imagery experiences that expand sensory boundaries through forms of  sonic / visual ceremony, story telling, narratives (videos, printed pups or live presentations), poetry and contemplative fusion - music and image and word.

 3rd Messenger is a deep SENSORY FORM OF CONTEMPLATIVE Imagery experience, a gateway or means for harmonizing or holding space for beauty as a means to deepen healing and for holding divine energies i.e. being in right relationship or in congruence with self and with others...  

  3rd Messenger products/experiences include live performances and videos by Aqteshna Ana. Tools and aids through the Guided Imagery Collective, and imagery experiences and learning tools, custom presentations, performances for conferences, images for framing and experiential creative workshops.

 Aqteshna Ana is a collaboration between Greg Lathrop RN,HN-BC,Jason Hebal LMBT and Said Osio for the purpose of offering service through ceremony to the healing community and everyone seeking that sacred awareness of the power of image / sonic contemplation ( a contemplative Fusion). A collective of a shared vision, a collaboration for holding space for ritual and ceremony.  Aqteshna Ana a Cherokee phrase means the dew is on the grass , there is one mind that underlies the dream.

They perform live in the Asheville Nc area and can be be downloaded on YouTube.

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