It's time to journey into healing fields

Should we care that Evidence-based research is showing its age? It's time to journey into healing fields! Ground breaking material that blows new energy into how we hold healing potential.

On Gregg Braden’s work ”The Science of Miracles” and then some. 

The good news bad news scenario is alive and well!  This blog/review is to declare the good news – Gregg Braden’s message is important and highly relevant, the bad news - is its knowledge and relevance are framed outside mainstream science because it’s simply outside evidence - based research, or so we think. To my knowledge mathematics and cosmology and other theoretical sciences enjoy the acceptance of playing at theoretical thought and to a large degree enjoy credibility from their peers. It gets dicey when one makes claims within the scientific evidence based community that is outside theoretical sciences because the scientific establishment has to a large degree a lock on thinking.  Here comes Braden and these “thoughts from Gregg” as one interview on this DVD is called that are unsupportive by evidence-based research yet are accepted by much of the scientific community that are unwilling to come out of the closet for now at least; but not even close to be endorsed in scientific journals (see my review on Candace Pert in resource section The Molecules of Emotion to appreciate how publishing impacts science). Interested take a few minutes more!

The stuff of healing

 In this DVD are two interviews one dated June 2006 at the Omega Institute and the other an interview with the publishers in 2007. The breath of this material draws upon the past and the present. The past the ancient wisdom schools that have acknowledged the power that metaphorically is often referred to as a hidden treasure the stuff that underlies consciousness and with the present being the stuff that is advancing much of the new thinking from cosmology to physics to biology and finally to medicine. The underlying principles that are relevant to healing are as threads continuously being woven throughout all of this material and at its core is the understanding that we are architects, inner architects that are living within great fields of energy and have yet determine the essential code that is the heart of this architecture. What Braden shares is a knowledge that is there is a heart, there is a beat, and there is a language and embedded code in the DNA. What we are finding that there is a collective intelligence that will influence discovery through compassion, through love, through light, and through the heart. Each of us will come to our own appreciation of this discovery within our own time and therefore these materials will find their way according to the universal law of attraction or a collective consciousness. 

So time will tell as it has for centuries whether the so-called truths of the times that we anchor our beliefs to will make room for new thinking to expand our relationship to life and all living things. These works of Braden are the harbingers of new thought, a new science a progressive shift. This work can be thought of as an advancing intelligence in consciousness that will deepen how inner healing is impacted by belief. Currently there is a plethora of beliefs that are being presented as a spectrum (to borrow an early Ken Wilber concept) of intelligence from the prism of ancient wisdom and new technology and that are intersecting and being referenced as spirit mind body. The work of Braden is of significance for guided imagery and healing in its inner architecture that can be used as a schematic for imaging. This means we can begin to advance these modes of influencing healing and may be experienced as new pointers or indications that this shift is having a degree of impact in raising the art of what is possible.  Braden the ready tour guide into new thinking and old worlds makes a strong case based on his twenty plus years of uncovering the great wisdom and its relatedness to science and healing. This work has deep implications as groundbreaking through a collective shift that is beginning to unfurl its centers and wholeness. Braden maps for us new fields of thought which are present though yet to be named energies that are at the heart of the power that lies within consciousness in order to create fields of energy to transmit new thinking (the science of healing is not a new science of healing when seen from a perspective of wisdom schools and healing cultures). 

The Guided Imagery Collective

The guided imagery collective is simply a window to this material in hopes that it will trigger degrees or sparks of intelligence leading to expanding how we hold the precious gift of living, of healing, of loving, and of being. Then too there is a deeper perspective regarding where guided imagery is heading. Imagination is by degree a construct of the stuff of being. The stuff of being is experienced as information then as knowledge and finally as intelligence. It is this procession in which we are invited to walk in. And our walking has a cross functional purpose. As we deepen our visual landscape new images and patterns expand our being-ness, wholeness and oneness as a community and as healers.  This awareness then is a technology, a tool, and a process that can be called upon to hold healing and other states of consciousness.

Beyond the Guided Imagery Collective there are many resources available online in podcasts by pioneers blazing trails within the Internet, which will influence more discovery. As we become familiar with Braden's message we will each have a deeper intentionality in how we can hold energy and how we can experience wholeness. This is an education and a living lab for discovery and possibility. Find your way to hearing this material.

The Catch 22 of evidence-based research

Forty years ago we had a word, shades of New Age and shades of healing arts, we now have a new construct as a mixture for new thinking re consciousness, spirit, and the yet to be discovered. We no longer think in those old terms having abandoned new age and at least in the scientific medical community have moved to Complementary Alternative Medicine and mind-body therapy (note: The New Age Journal morphing into the Yoga Journal, TM to Relaxation Response and shades of Zen into shades of Mindfulness etc.).  The Guided Imagery Collective is committed to the exploration of both evidence-based and non evidence-based research because each of us is a projection of how we hold our relationship to well being. Healing is a function of energy and we have a direct relationship with it. One day what is outside evidence-based research will be inside. Evidence-based research enjoys its status in relationship to its ability to influence institutions to acquire funding, acquiring funding is relational to economics in a capitalist marketplace, and currently economics drives medicine – medicine is driven by funding that is driven by evidence based research (a catch 22). If one is to be informed, knowledgeable, and finally embrace new thinking, new healing energy then one has to open the channels of information and expand the evidence-based research box. This material by Braden will do just that and is therefore the reason it is included in both this blog and DVD resource section.

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