Guided imagery in 2011


In today’s evolving field of healing is there a point to guided imagery ?

Now that 2011 is here so are significant opportunities to explore and deepen our levels of healing potential for ourselves, our healing community of caregivers and for practitioners. Find out where, read on!

The question - is there a point to guided imagery - is to engage inquiry. A question to draw you into the exciting progress that brain mind research is making in the fields of neuroscience and medicine and specifically in guided imagery. Much of the cognitive findings regarding brain mind activity is pointing specifically to processes for activating states of healing energy relating to how one perceives one's world, one's environment, one's ecology of spirit mind-body. The excitement is felt in every corner of science and of medicine for those who are open to new thinking. Institutionally integrative medicine is opening doors and allowing for much of these new findings creating fertile ground for experimentation and exploration.

This is good news for the patient and practitioner. As in any new evolutionary stage there are a number of obstacles that plague new thinking. Not invented here is a familiar refrain that echoes throughout small minded and reactionary fearful gatekeepers of the older establishment of medicine that is bound by convention and economic constraints. But those cries are old echoes, what makes this particular evolutionary shift in healing consciousness exciting is that it is a universal principle seeded in a holistic paradigm. A paradigm that triangulates Spirit mind-body. The force of this triangulation is evident in a number of evidence-based research studies that are accessible for everyone. In this short blog I simply intend to point the way to a few articles that engage new thinking and direct new possibility for each of us.

Perception’s companion and neural gluing

The point to consider is this, Neuroplasticity (neuroplasticity, the capacity of the nervous system to modify its organization. Such changes can occur as a consequence of many events, including the normal development and maturation of the organism, the acquisition of new skills (‘learning’) in immature and mature organisms) has opened considerable vistas into the interplay between mind and cellular formation - a kind of neural gluing, which extends into validating imagination i.e. perception's companion. The implications are that one is able to create centers of influence that have healing capacity through a visual vocabulary that extends sense awareness within fields or waves of mental constructs. Activities such as mindfulness, yoga, Reiki, qi qong, and yes, guided imagery open channels of energy that are embedded in ecology of all living systems. True each of these has its own specific prescription and practice but when in peeling away the skins of cultural trappings one will quickly find the essence in this ecology of living systems to be an energy for intentional healing to be activated by attention created by a core belief which is living systems respond to the breath, the heart, and energy (spirit). Our community of healing is being gifted by a body of information that if studied with an open heart, and an open mind will inform us all into the nature of healing potential. Cellular formation, neural gluing, perception, intention, are at the heart of the interplay between spirit mind body. Long held beliefs are now being broken and these mental breakthroughs such as perception of color being embedded in our living systems and the ties between memories and the imagination lead us into new thought forms to reclaim our inheritance as whole centered human beings - Read:

Brain Scans Of The Future. Psychologists use fMRI to understand ties between memories and the Imagination.   

Color is in the brain and Plays Musical Chairs In The Brain

A creative dialogue with our Genes , Ernest Rossi on Gene Expression in the Innovation section to expand horizons on a gene potential.

Vessels of consciousness

So this is the point – guided imagery is a process for accessing and altering internal states that signal changes in one’s biological system for either healing or behavioral shifts. Which means we can influence networks that engage these shifts when a new piece of relevant information is processed that then can expand into knowledge which expands our healing consciousness, which embeds in us a new knowledge of the expansiveness of our living systems and their capacity for healing formation, recovery, and health. We then are no longer held in a system of boundaries that distort our deeper natural bounty. Instead we are liberated, free to participate in healing either for our own wellbeing or for others, an embodied holistic interplay between spirit mind and body. We need to rearrange beliefs regarding illness. As a living system illness is a concept as a state of mind, fear is the state, which is grounded as part of our primitive brain and acts as a compass pointing to states that direct behaviors and responses. It is then in our living system that we have perception and attention on a conscious level to navigate the oceans of human consciousness and forms of healing energy. We are the captains of these vessels of consciousness and healing intention. It is through forms of guided imagery that our new intelligence can be summoned and healing expression switched on.

So this is why making the point to be informed is a means to being centered, it is a doorway, a passage to the encounter with energy, a healing force field which when activated deepens the healer within and for caregivers and practitioners creates healing energy that is accessible and permeates all living systems. These new insights are leading to a deeper guided imagery where new patterns of a visual language which are being designed and shared in 2011 by the guided imagery collective will enrich our imagery experience and consciousness.                                                                                

May our journey in 2011 be glorious!  Best of intention and attention be with you. Have a brilliant new year.

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