From Nightingale to Dossey and a new Engaged Guided Imagery

"We are called to the concept of the bio-dance the endless streaming of the body-in-flux" Dossey
Florence Nightingale's much used quote “little as we know about the way in which we are affected by form, by color and by light, we do know this, they have an actual physical effect.” And so it is with Engaged Guided Imagery which is to say we are affected by primal energies such as the elements of earth, air, fire and water. Nightingale's color and form, and Larry Dossey's bio–dance each rise to play a greater part in an Engaged Guided Imagery.
On September 30 at the International Guided Imagery Conference I will be presenting to an audience of health care professionals from guided imagery practitioners to psychotherapists, from holistic nurses to MD's a radical guided imagery concept called Engaged Guided Imagery. Just what is this Engaged Guided Imagery and do we need yet another new guided imagery?
First, Engaged Guided Imagery is a radical form of guided imagery in that it embodies the current breakthroughs in psychoneuroimmunology that are informing current models embraced across a broad spectrum of healing institutions as well as that are found in the mindful awareness trainings which in themselves are breakthroughs in re–shaping narrow thoughts about mind, heart and healing  playing a greater part and so we can all rise to play a part in our healing consciousness. Radical in that ordinary guided imagery has at its core a process of imagery and symbols that influence and can inform one's own thinking,  emotions, neural pathways and potential healing states. Engaged Guided Imagery acts as an underlay, a feedback system as an interplay in what is called  a guided imagery pattern language that has within it the essential stuff of living systems which play a greater part in being; the elements of earth, air, fire and water from which we start as living organisms. 
Radical? Engage Guided Imagery as a pattern language, is informed cognition – acts as a heart centered feedback loop as it mends states of disintegration, acts as a communion of spirit, mindbody. 
Also, radical in that within our breath within the elements we rise to play a greater part reshaping narrow beliefs that is the faith from which we start. These breaths embodied in each element drive deeper states of energy, focused intention, and attention reforming neural pathways to play a greater part not typically induced by scripted or suggested materials.  
Right relationship and holding space       alt
"Engaged" is being in right relationship, holding a space and presence with the environment, the atmosphere, the envelope of our being-ness of our echo-system our fields of all beings. Engaged in a pattern language that lays a path in walking into states of mindful awareness. Paths of mindful awareness as integrating messages to play a greater part in harmonizing left and right brain hemispheres, re-shaping narrow blocks that contribute to disease, disharmony and fear. So yes we all benefit from radical Engaged Guided Imagery because we rise to play a greater part of our own healing energy, an energy that connects, informs, integrates, to inspire through a pattern language embedded and embodied in nature's manuscript.
“The engaged future looking at integration systems–the human mind–emerges from patterns in the flow of energy and information within the brain and between brains. Dan Siegel MD. ( see this sites CD's resource for Siegel's work onTranspirational integration )
Radical - of course- if we are to engage in taking on a greater part in evolving our healing communities.
Hope to see you at the International Guided Imagery Conference September 30 to October 2 in the SF Bay area.
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