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Expand your guided imagery visual palette! The guided Imagery collective is at the intersection of spirit mindbody technology. 

So please spend a minute or two to expand your own discovery of technology's advantage in advancing healing skills in guided imagery and access our newest guided imagery offering.

TECHNOLOGY is the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or serve some purpose. The word technology comes from Greek meaning "art, skill, craft", and "study of- the term can either be applied generally or to specific areas: examples include construction technology, medical technology, and information technology and here as a guided imagery healing technology.

The technology of healing is symbiotic with one's existential journey of being, in that embedded in this technology as well as our quest for being is our quest which is so inextricably human, to outwit to outlive and survive (solve the problem of immortality). 

"Science embodies the human desire to understand nature; technology couples that desire with the ambition to control nature. These are related impulses - one might seek to understand nature in order to control it- but the drive to intervene is unique to technology. Medicine, then, is fundamentally a technological art; at its core lies the desire to improve human lives by intervening on life itself. Conceptually, the battle against cancer [disease] pushes the idea of technology to its far edge, for the object being intervened upon is our genome‚" Siddhartha Mukherjee. 

Gene-scapes intersect non-local space

As medicine and technology advance and new maps create gene-scapes, still at their core from a pure medical model current reality can be summed up thus: "Death in old age is inevitable, but death before old age is not". Yet life as we experience it is otherwise a deeper current swirls in the tides of living and dying. Death has no age and life is impermanent, fleeting, and a mystery to celebrate - a journey. Therefore medical technology if it is to serve the human condition in skill building allowing for deeper forms of guided imagery it needs to be a servant in charting healing-scapes as centers of wholeness and eco- systems that assists in navigating the elemental holy waters of healing holy energy. One can begin to see this happening as new forms of creative intelligence take root in our medical institutions where new evidence-based research supports energy fields that can influence healing outside of our genetic code (messengers that can switch on and off healing impulses).

This living journey, this landscape of spirit mind-body is akin to a classical landscape portrayed by an artist where negative space can be used to convey expanse, where a positive space conveys detail. Human biology is embedded in this genetic landscape as much as a living system is embedded in its ecosystem of nature. It is the play where both intersect positive and negative space where the art of guided imagery re-informs, re-imagines, and inspires through intentionality degrees of wholeness.

The details or a positive space landscape seen by the landscape artist can be thought of as the elements of nature when encountering the morning dew, a micro-field in a macro-field. It is the dew that centers us, that draws us in, our elemental encounter with spirit! In learning the language of water we can advance our well-being by observing a re-informing of our visual intelligence through a deeper guided imagery which is one note of our consciousness. We can adjust our vision to small wonders and allow these wonders to transport our consciousness into the state of - paying attention and intention! We imagine our field of vision to be engulfed in the element of water which allows us then into being called in all living matter, either cellular as rings and beads, neural pathways as rivulets or reflections, which then allows us to be engulfed in healing as in a lotus pond, which then allows us to swim in the ocean of spirit mindbody healing.

Entering the bio-dance the visual vortex

The intention of deepening is then an awareness, a mirror, a visual vortex formulated in patterns, accessible when we participate in our environment as an a center within other centers ‚ the centered landscape artist, transparent and imbued with the stuff of living systems‚Äù, as when one is on a field trip, we enter into fields of visual sensors. " Health is harmony, and harmony has no meaning without the fluid movement of interdependent parts. Like a stream that becomes stagnant when it ceases to flow, harmony and health turn into disease and death when stasis occurs. We are called to return to the concept of the bio-dance, the endless streaming of the body-in-flux‚" Larry Dossey

If we can now pause and slowly breath in we can then see how technology is not too dissimilar to the invention of bringing to the landscape the artist with the innovation of oil paints in small tubes thus breaking through into new visual fields away from the confines of using sketches and isolated. Guided imagery brings to the inner landscape a visual palette advancing deeper imagery healing energy. This healing technology serves the purpose of bringing healing harmony and enriching well-being.

The art of technology coupled with this toolkit of liquid centers is a deeper guided imagery, serves as that pathways for that journey into healing waters. You can access a storyboard toolkit: centers of liquid light through the guided imagery collective at our resources or slideshare where technology, science, nature and healing intersect! See a new kind of Powerpoint guided Imagery tool kit : Deeper guided imagery visual palette and liquid centers.http://slidesha.re/hcEwwj


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