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Monday, 30 August 2010

Why I think of guided imagery as architecture: home/space/place... it starts inside.

Thoughts on Christopher Alexander's Luminous Ground and Guided Imagery - colliding influences.

Why Healing starts at home

Fundamentally, the body of works that support the conclusions that new physics, body mind medicine, cosmology, are pronouncing etc. etc. etc. boil down to one simple principle. We are the architects of our own being , we are the builders of our Temple" we are the keepers of the sacred self. The relevance of that principle and its implications towards healing is profound. 

Guided imagery and related practices are the bridges from which our limited self crosses into these new states of empowering healing thoughts, thus healing energies. 

Everything written for this blog (guidedimagerycollective.org) reinforces this basic principle. If this principle is a living principle already in your being then this information is just entertainment. For those of us who haven't crossed over the bridge this information is the impetus to take that step. One of the profound thinkers in the area of architecture, consciousness, and spirit is Christopher Alexander. The following material relates to his fourth book the luminous ground published by the Center for environmental structure UC Berkeley in 2003.


You can doubt but you can’t deny more new finding make a compelling case!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Agnostics - the information is compelling on how guided imagery and related therapies or practices as meditation works.

The good news is the evidence for the efficacy of guided imagery and its empowering influences on wellness is a mere 5000 years old and well documented and thanks to the internet accessible. The bad news culturally we have empowered high priests to care for us rather then our inner healer!
The best news is CHANGE is here. Read more

If Guided Imagery and meditation are to imprint in our collective consciousness then articulation regarding the why of its efficacy is one critical pathway and one, which will consistently be explored, in the guided imagery collective! What we as a culture offer up as shared beliefs hold our ability to transform illness and inform wellness! Check out these resources.

The Persuasive Appeal of Alternative Medicine
The cultural diversity of healing: meaning, metaphor and mechanism (pdf)

Drill down. You will have pathways to enable your own constructs to enter into guided imagery modalities.


Explorations on Guided Imagery: The art of the start!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Getting the boxes right

So how do we know or can we know where the forking path of body mind or mind body is taking us as we are experiencing degrees of distress, lack of energy, fear, depression, anxiety, pain, in other words that something isn’t right with us. Our ordered universe is in dis-order!
The following works are a good place to start in that they amplify the great ongoing dialogue regarding:

Illness as mind

Illness as mind body

Illness as body mind

How do we know how to tell the difference?

If you don't want to read the entire blog then let me simplify. The body mind will signal us on what's going on. The stronger the signal the more you will react. The gift of the signaling is that it calls on you to pay attention and begin to know that the self is the voice and the inner physician that often is reaching out to the outer practitioner. Our capacity to enter into a healing modality is relational and directional. Imagery is one of the triggers that help the system to engage in its recovery into wholeness. How and who directs the trigger and how it gets pulled is the healing art part of Guided Imagery.

YES healing is a self-creating principle!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Welcome to guided imagery’s new positive energy ground. Deepen our appreciation of Guided Imagery and related modalities such as meditation and other practices. Picture our wellbeing in the well of imagination’s gifts.

Guided Imagery and mindfulness witnessing
 (Meditation) are healing formulas.

We don’t need to let illness scare us!

Knowledge is the key and knowing has a diversity and complexity that can engage or deter. The good news is it’s a journey that will enrich one’s wellbeing! Just read on!


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