The Collective morphs

Monday, 07 May 2012


The collective morphs into a collaboration

There is a new offering and a new team

3rd Messenger and Aqteshna Ana 

  3rd Messenger’s purpose is to inspire, support and foster heart centered caring by sharing experiences that can enhance “being”. Being in contemplative states leading to integrated wholeness i.e. sacred presence, a means of  holding, transmitting  and honoring the great wisdom traditions for comforting the suffering.  

 3rd Messenger is a form of holding group an amalgam offering contemplative visual and sonic experiences for those whose lives are touched by being caregivers or receivers. It is a collective of sorts incorporating contemplative imagery experiences that expand sensory boundaries through forms of  sonic / visual ceremony, story telling, narratives (videos, printed pups or live presentations), poetry and contemplative fusion - music and image and word.

 3rd Messenger is a deep SENSORY FORM OF CONTEMPLATIVE Imagery experience, a gateway or means for harmonizing or holding space for beauty as a means to deepen healing and for holding divine energies i.e. being in right relationship or in congruence with self and with others...  

  3rd Messenger products/experiences include live performances and videos by Aqteshna Ana. Tools and aids through the Guided Imagery Collective, and imagery experiences and learning tools, custom presentations, performances for conferences, images for framing and experiential creative workshops.

 Aqteshna Ana is a collaboration between Greg Lathrop RN,HN-BC,Jason Hebal LMBT and Said Osio for the purpose of offering service through ceremony to the healing community and everyone seeking that sacred awareness of the power of image / sonic contemplation ( a contemplative Fusion). A collective of a shared vision, a collaboration for holding space for ritual and ceremony.  Aqteshna Ana a Cherokee phrase means the dew is on the grass , there is one mind that underlies the dream.

They perform live in the Asheville Nc area and can be be downloaded on YouTube.


A healers voice is stilled Remembering David Simon

Wednesday, 22 February 2012




A healer’s Voice is stilled –in remembrance of David Simon

Early in the launch of the Guided Imagery Collective one clear voice inspired much of what the voice of healing is bringing forth. That voice of David Simon stilled is now reaching us at and by his works and gifts; a legacy that will influence the new field of healing and medicine for years to come.  It is always easy to reference his body of latest materials, while dismissing earlier works. The work that influenced me was Return to Wholeness written in 1999 and then repurposed into a superb DVD in 2010.  The rich context of this work is rooted in the most essential and holistic worldview that of spirit mind body. It was for Simon -  the practitioner  - his passion for honoring the patient enriching those of us who found our way to his works.


“Cancer research has its watergate”

Monday, 17 October 2011

Cancer treatment in for radical shift, FDA gets a slap!!! 


I belong to the club of optimists when it comes to the power of healing in particular when it comes to today's complex of new technologies, discoveries, and committed healers. We are in the company of such a radical healer Dr. Burzynski. 


I happened to stumble upon a new Netflix release entitled Dr. Burzynski and was profoundly blown away. The commitment and vision of this physician to stand firm against the onslaught of an FDA harassment is truly noble. 


From Nightingale to Dossey and a new Engaged Guided Imagery

Thursday, 25 August 2011

"We are called to the concept of the bio-dance the endless streaming of the body-in-flux" Dossey
Florence Nightingale's much used quote “little as we know about the way in which we are affected by form, by color and by light, we do know this, they have an actual physical effect.” And so it is with Engaged Guided Imagery which is to say we are affected by primal energies such as the elements of earth, air, fire and water. Nightingale's color and form, and Larry Dossey's bio–dance each rise to play a greater part in an Engaged Guided Imagery.
On September 30 at the International Guided Imagery Conference I will be presenting to an audience of health care professionals from guided imagery practitioners to psychotherapists, from holistic nurses to MD's a radical guided imagery concept called Engaged Guided Imagery. Just what is this Engaged Guided Imagery and do we need yet another new guided imagery?

Guided Imagery meets Seely Brown,Thich Nhat Hanh and Tolstoy

Thursday, 23 June 2011



Thoughts on Pebbles, The Almond Tree and Tolstoy.
Is technology helping you as a guided imagery practitioner and end-user?

I can’t say for certain because everybody and body is special (we are all fellow travelers on the healing path) and we need to honor it! Yet, there is a good case to be made in both our current blog and reviews, The Pebble, Almond Tree and Tolstoy and on John Seely Brown's book for the good news. See, A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown. ( It happens in our accessing tools (TECHO) embedded somewhere in hanging out in the digital soup kitchen – yes the digital - all things related – world wide digital like Indra’s web. So please relax and smile and have some green tea and dip into gleamings from Thich Nhat Hanh, Larry Dossey, John Seely Brown, Sri Aurobindo and Eleanor Rosch


Grace and Grit - Parallel Journey

Friday, 13 May 2011


One journey two paths, two words, One gift, and two souls: Treya  Killam Wilber and Nancy Goddard

In 1988 Treya came to an inner realization that her cancer need not be a struggle but an ally into the richness and mystery of living. We were gifted with that journey in the book by her caregiver and philosopher husband Ken Wilber in Grace and Grit (a profound testimony in a spiritually worldly life - a family living in a cancer journey). In 2011 Nancy Goddard also journeyed on the path and she too found an ally in that journey of richness and grace and grit and gifted us with her blog also titled Grace and Grit. Each found the language, the poetry, the passion that embodied those two qualities in a profound coupling of teachings: passionate equanimity. The following are those excerpts sharing their journey into passionate equanimity. Be ready for a deeply moving read!


Expanding a guided Imagery inner vision

Thursday, 21 April 2011




Expand your guided imagery visual palette! The guided Imagery collective is at the intersection of spirit mindbody technology. 

So please spend a minute or two to expand your own discovery of technology's advantage in advancing healing skills in guided imagery and access our newest guided imagery offering.


A healing Altar workshop reflection

Friday, 11 March 2011


Healing Altar’s Workshop takes a surprising turn

Reflections and more stories! 

In my Sufi community it is said that our inner work is always dancing around us. We plan, we execute, we reflect and through it all we dance. My dance is helping me this very moment, a way to process in the writing of this blog post. My initial impression was to simply share a number of first-hand testimonials but recent events added a new layer, a deeper more personalized reflection of my own healing journey.

As I write I prepare and I pray for my own healing journey, which is to be with my fantastic daughter Eva as she readies for a major liver surgery on March 25 at City of Hope in Southern California. Up until last week I had no idea her cancer had returned with such severity until we saw the results of her scans that surgery seemed the course she needed to take. Altar work is healing work. It is fashioning matter into consciousness, energy or prayer. Matter into the spirit so that we become informed, giving us a means to healing. Now that I've had a chance to process and reflect on our workshop of a few weeks ago I thank everyone who shared their journey, who shared their hearts, compassion, stories and for creating their healing altars. I especially am in the deepest gratitude for Debra Roberts and her rich storytelling and natural gifts for co-facilitating our sweet offering.

Finding oneself in the center of a dance related to healing journeys either for self or friends has a mystical quality in bringing to light what one needs at the exact time one needs it. Certainly this has been my case. I believed that I was the giver of the workshop when I was in the dance being gifted by healing altars as well! When we see we see deeply the guided imagery patterns of healing consciousness.

 "What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset."          - Crowfoot


A case for tool building and a deeper guided imagery through pattern language

Monday, 28 February 2011


From Cobb to Winkelman to Alexander. A winding path into pattern language and guided Imagery

The intention for this blog is to share a rich synthesis of two works as kind of scaffolding for a deep guided imagery that has evolved from a third work which has been explored in earlier blogs, that of Christopher Alexander’s concept of a pattern Language. Each, reflect a holistic spirit mindbody integration and supports the spirit (neuro-theological if one sees living systems as luminous) conversation that is core for a guided imagery pattern language and additive on its own merits to the already well researched/documented evidence-based studies for guided imagery generally; Edith Cobb’s The Ecology of Imagination in Children and Michael Winkelman’s Shamanism - A Biosocial Paradigm of Consciousness and Healing.


A case for novelty as pattern language in guided imagery and the mapping of inner presence. Thoughts on reading Edith Cobb’s The Ecology of imagination in childhood

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Idea: Within deeper forms of Guided imagery accessible thru creative intelligence (a rich kind of novelty - a new or unfamiliar thing or experience - inducing fields of a new pattern language) are living systems of  centers of intelligence - a union of interplay for engaged attentional healing. 

Presented here are six concepts as stepping-stones for healing intelligence, which intersects with the vision of holistic nursing.This blog expands much of the conversation on where newer forms of guided imagery are heading in the field of neurobiology and plasticity.  We all have a mine of imagery embedded in our nervous system. Guided imagery is a rich narrative of a creative form of a living sensory language that may be analogous to living systems as a vast library of knowledge, imagination and intelligence. Computer scientists would call this library of all possible images “space”. Essentially, a model (think fractal if you like geometry) were all living forms are relational to one another, were all possible conversations, all possible mathematical formulas, all possible patterns are experienced like a hike through the space of all carbon–based life–forms, an upward trek past the contour lines of the “almost survived” to the mountain peak of survivors - a healing pilgrimage of creative intelligence. 


Re-informing mindfulness meditation and guided imagery- a raga of sorts

Thursday, 03 February 2011


I recently completed the novel Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid while at the same time continuing my reading of the ancient Hindu text the Bhagavad-Gita. I found that these two pieces formed a kind of impressionistic raga, a voice that transcends culture and beliefs and inspires all at the same time. This is not a book review but merely an exploration into the powerful motifs of ancient wisdom, spirit mind-body awakening and their implications for healing energy, meditation and guided imagery. This then is the direction I want to take you if you have a few minutes. States of guided imagery and mindfulness are directional and can be intuitive as well!


Yoga and mindfulness A cross-over

Monday, 17 January 2011



Yoga and mindfulness  A cross-over

As the medical field continues to embrace mindfulness meditation and other forms of spirit mindbody modalities it is evident that there is an abundance of teachings supportive of these new systems for healing that can be accessed readily in many major spiritual works. This morning I was struck by these particular teachings found in the yoga Sutra's of Patanjali* as I was finalizing a new guided imagery offering as a training for developing a visual vocabulary for accessing healing states of conscious.


Altar Healing Workshop

Thursday, 06 January 2011



A hands-on workshop with Said Osio and Debra Roberts. The creation of healing shrines & altars for expanding healing creative energies

Dates for Workshop

February 18, 2011        7 PM to 9 PM
February 19    10 AM - 4:30 PM
(with an hour’s lunch on site.)

Due to the nature of this special offering, we only have ten places so PLEASE register early.

Cost of workshop  $68 RSVP by paying in advance. 

Check payable to: “Heron Productions LLC” and mail to: 

Debra Roberts

Because of our small group size, reserving a space by payment is required (first come basis) by the new moon of February 3rd. 

Questions?                Call  828- 712-0880

Site directions to the studio setting near the Beaver Lake area will be provided upon your paid registration, as well as:

  • A how-to-prepare worksheet and what to bring.
  • Food: Please bring your own bag lunch.  This will be a creating – working lunch hour.   We will provide hot drinks, water, and dessert.  
  • There will be some art materials available and digital media to archive works.

Guided imagery in 2011

Tuesday, 04 January 2011


In today’s evolving field of healing is there a point to guided imagery ?

Now that 2011 is here so are significant opportunities to explore and deepen our levels of healing potential for ourselves, our healing community of caregivers and for practitioners. Find out where, read on!

The question - is there a point to guided imagery - is to engage inquiry. A question to draw you into the exciting progress that brain mind research is making in the fields of neuroscience and medicine and specifically in guided imagery. Much of the cognitive findings regarding brain mind activity is pointing specifically to processes for activating states of healing energy relating to how one perceives one's world, one's environment, one's ecology of spirit mind-body. The excitement is felt in every corner of science and of medicine for those who are open to new thinking. Institutionally integrative medicine is opening doors and allowing for much of these new findings creating fertile ground for experimentation and exploration.

This is good news for the patient and practitioner. As in any new evolutionary stage there are a number of obstacles that plague new thinking. Not invented here is a familiar refrain that echoes throughout small minded and reactionary fearful gatekeepers of the older establishment of medicine that is bound by convention and economic constraints. But those cries are old echoes, what makes this particular evolutionary shift in healing consciousness exciting is that it is a universal principle seeded in a holistic paradigm. A paradigm that triangulates Spirit mind-body. The force of this triangulation is evident in a number of evidence-based research studies that are accessible for everyone. In this short blog I simply intend to point the way to a few articles that engage new thinking and direct new possibility for each of us.

Perception’s companion and neural gluing

The point to consider is this, Neuroplasticity (neuroplasticity, the capacity of the nervous system to modify its organization. Such changes can occur as a consequence of many events, including the normal development and maturation of the organism, the acquisition of new skills (‘learning’) in immature and mature organisms) has opened considerable vistas into the interplay between mind and cellular formation - a kind of neural gluing, which extends into validating imagination i.e. perception's companion. The implications are that one is able to create centers of influence that have healing capacity through a visual vocabulary that extends sense awareness within fields or waves of mental constructs. Activities such as mindfulness, yoga, Reiki, qi qong, and yes, guided imagery open channels of energy that are embedded in ecology of all living systems. True each of these has its own specific prescription and practice but when in peeling away the skins of cultural trappings one will quickly find the essence in this ecology of living systems to be an energy for intentional healing to be activated by attention created by a core belief which is living systems respond to the breath, the heart, and energy (spirit). Our community of healing is being gifted by a body of information that if studied with an open heart, and an open mind will inform us all into the nature of healing potential. Cellular formation, neural gluing, perception, intention, are at the heart of the interplay between spirit mind body. Long held beliefs are now being broken and these mental breakthroughs such as perception of color being embedded in our living systems and the ties between memories and the imagination lead us into new thought forms to reclaim our inheritance as whole centered human beings - Read:

Brain Scans Of The Future. Psychologists use fMRI to understand ties between memories and the Imagination.   

Color is in the brain and Plays Musical Chairs In The Brain

A creative dialogue with our Genes , Ernest Rossi on Gene Expression in the Innovation section to expand horizons on a gene potential.

Vessels of consciousness

So this is the point – guided imagery is a process for accessing and altering internal states that signal changes in one’s biological system for either healing or behavioral shifts. Which means we can influence networks that engage these shifts when a new piece of relevant information is processed that then can expand into knowledge which expands our healing consciousness, which embeds in us a new knowledge of the expansiveness of our living systems and their capacity for healing formation, recovery, and health. We then are no longer held in a system of boundaries that distort our deeper natural bounty. Instead we are liberated, free to participate in healing either for our own wellbeing or for others, an embodied holistic interplay between spirit mind and body. We need to rearrange beliefs regarding illness. As a living system illness is a concept as a state of mind, fear is the state, which is grounded as part of our primitive brain and acts as a compass pointing to states that direct behaviors and responses. It is then in our living system that we have perception and attention on a conscious level to navigate the oceans of human consciousness and forms of healing energy. We are the captains of these vessels of consciousness and healing intention. It is through forms of guided imagery that our new intelligence can be summoned and healing expression switched on.

So this is why making the point to be informed is a means to being centered, it is a doorway, a passage to the encounter with energy, a healing force field which when activated deepens the healer within and for caregivers and practitioners creates healing energy that is accessible and permeates all living systems. These new insights are leading to a deeper guided imagery where new patterns of a visual language which are being designed and shared in 2011 by the guided imagery collective will enrich our imagery experience and consciousness.                                                                                

May our journey in 2011 be glorious!  Best of intention and attention be with you. Have a brilliant new year.


What's on my mind for Deepening Guided Imagery

Monday, 13 December 2010


titleThe Yoga of mindfulness and exploring guided imagery and the Bhagavad-Gita


The initial process of this healing journey through a deep-guided imagery palette has its roots as far back as in the ancient wisdom schools of the Hindu Vedas predating Christianity and Buddhism. In these teachings of the Vedas the body of human beings was understood to have three distinct bodies a physical body a subtle body and the causal body. Within the schools of the healing arts throughout all traditions there has been recognition that human beings enjoy a spiritual energy dynamic. In the recent last two decades the sciences of physics and medicine are validating what the ancients believed. Within contemporary society many believe structures are rooted in a dualistic nature that of dogma and that of faith. Find out why!


It's time to journey into healing fields

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Should we care that Evidence-based research is showing its age? It's time to journey into healing fields! Ground breaking material that blows new energy into how we hold healing potential.

On Gregg Braden’s work ”The Science of Miracles” and then some. 

The good news bad news scenario is alive and well!  This blog/review is to declare the good news – Gregg Braden’s message is important and highly relevant, the bad news - is its knowledge and relevance are framed outside mainstream science because it’s simply outside evidence - based research, or so we think. To my knowledge mathematics and cosmology and other theoretical sciences enjoy the acceptance of playing at theoretical thought and to a large degree enjoy credibility from their peers. It gets dicey when one makes claims within the scientific evidence based community that is outside theoretical sciences because the scientific establishment has to a large degree a lock on thinking.  Here comes Braden and these “thoughts from Gregg” as one interview on this DVD is called that are unsupportive by evidence-based research yet are accepted by much of the scientific community that are unwilling to come out of the closet for now at least; but not even close to be endorsed in scientific journals (see my review on Candace Pert in resource section The Molecules of Emotion to appreciate how publishing impacts science). Interested take a few minutes more!


What choice do I have? How do I know?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Which CD is better for me and how do I know ?

Just how suited is one when it comes right down to it regarding which materials or tools that can best serve our healing. In reflecting on this question it came to me that is it any different from selecting which styles of dress best server us, which foods best serve us, which doctors can best serve us?  I see it as coming down to beliefs. For most of us we culturally often defer to the experts, next we defer to the media, next we defer to the trend of the month club all filtered through the lens of our spiritual beliefs, our socio-cultural beliefs, or personality type; as defined by astrology, Meyer Briggs personality profiling, ennegrams etc.


A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Blog preview: Turning into the Skid. Thoughts on reading A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook

title“ I turned into the skid, and lo and behold, the car began to straighten out. I felt that a remarkable seed was planted that day and came to see it as a metaphor for life” and with this introduction from the author Stahl we are gifted with a workbook that will influence how each of us inform our beliefs and behaviors regarding the presence of wellness and wholeness by intention or accident.

As has been stated previously the guided imagery collected is exploring the interconnectedness between related guided imagery tools. As the editor my original intention was to deepen the understanding of the impact of guided imagery and in that pursuit I have learned that there are some fundamental principles that will in fact have significance in how the practice of guided imagery leads to healing and wellness. Essentially guided imagery is a three-part harmony of spirit mind-body. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is rooted in the tradition of meditation from the schools of Buddhism. It is significant to note that the Dalai Lama in a series of works entitled Gentle Bridges and Healing Emotions has been inviting the great minds of our times to visit him every two years in Dharmasala in the schools of physics, cosmology, biology, psychology, immunology etc. to dialogue for the purpose of re-mapping consciousness with the integration of an east west perspective regarding healing and wholeness. Healing Emotions: Conversations with the Dalai (Paperback)
by Daniel Goleman. What is apparent regarding this intersection of cultural investigation of consciousness and healing is that we are now adding to the medicine chest of western treatments significant new approaches from Yoga Therapy, Acupuncture, Reiki, Qiqong, Prayer, Energy Healing, Ayurvedic Medicine.  View shared commonality found in these therapeutic approaches is the power of intentionality that is essentially the power of spirit–body mind. And within this intentionality the fundamental building block is creative intelligence and visualization (the principles at the core of guided imagery), or a simplified version, thoughts are things and what we think regarding your mind-body influences wholeness thus the title mindfulness-based stress reduction. The bridge extends into mindbody in that emotions are also at the intersection of mind and the molecules of emotion are part of the stuff of healing as well.


Guided Imagery on cracking the placebo code

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Good luck, Placebos and crossing your fingers!

altWhat’s a placebo have to do with guided imagery? Have you ever wondered if crossing your fingers is good luck especially when your doctor does it? Do you care? Is the placebo effect a vital force in a complex system that can be tapped into? And how do we put a face on its value and healing in light of evidence-based medicine? Is there a role to be played through guided imagery, a deeper visual vocabulary, or a metaphoric iconic symbol?  Appreciating that many friends have short windows to engage in such topics and others needing more there is a summary in the final paragraph for those of you who are inclined to right brain material. Interested, then start by reading a few lines from this NY Times review!

What’s luck got to do with it? Mindful healing

In preparing for this blog on the placebo I was reading in the 8/29 NY Times book review section, Melanie Thernstrom’s (The Pain Chronicles: Cures, Myths, Mysteries) where she recalled an interaction she once had which has stayed with her and is recounted in her book  “I had gone to the clinic early in the morning for a test that would reveal the treatment I had undergone with this doctor had succeeded. As I was leaving the clinic, I glimpsed the doctor across the reception desk, on the far side of the room. He held up his hands, crossed his fingers. He was wishing me luck, reminding me the treatment was over, my faith was now up to chance, for (powerful though he was in my mind) he did not possess the kind of power that determines lab results. But he was also telling me that he had hoped that chance went my way". The reviewer noted in the article" The Pain Chronicles"


Is guided imagery emotional intelligence?

Sunday, 05 September 2010

titleImagine finding the secret formula for wellbeing. Intellectually and culturally, if it can happen at all it depends on our belief systems that it even exists. The mission of this blog is to explore this issue and show that it indeed does exist by advancing the conversation and in finding support materials, anecdotal or evidence based, to support your wellness journey. David King’s article “ Brighter Paths to Wellbeing” delivers. The four stages process offers a solid foundation for expanding our beliefs regarding wellness and illness.

Since the emphasis here in this blog is to explore how these theories intersect with Guided imagery please read on!  “A holistic perspective would maintain four general classes of intelligence: (1) bodily or physical intelligence (awareness of bodily processes, physical mastery, etc.), (2) rational intelligence or IQ (linguistic, mathematical,  and spatial abilities), (3) emotional intelligence (awareness of emotions, emotional control, social abilities, etc.), and (4) spiritual intelligence (critical existential thinking, personal meaning production, transcendental awareness, and conscious state expansion). All of these ability sets or “intelligences” function in different ways within various domains of our daily lives. Depending on a individual’s potential, each class of intelligence acts as a tool kit for living, providing unique means of decision-making, reasoning, problem-solving, and adaptability.


Intervention quandary

Monday, 30 August 2010

Guided Imagery  - keeps gaining traction !
When does your psychotherapist send you to the doctor?
An intro into  this blog posting:

First and foremost let me assure the reader that this blog is an exercise in exploration of the multiple levels and crossover impact that complementary alternative medicine specifically in the areas guided imagery and meditation are playing in influencing illness and healing. It is not the intention of this blog to become another medical discussion but merely to support what is clearly becoming an important dialogue in our communities regarding self-care management and healing. Therefore it seems appropriate to begin with the following article.

Pushing evidence-based therapy out or into the box!

Just what is it that makes guided imagery and meditation so controversial in the area of complementary alternative medicine(CAM). First, it's because medicine is a science that is force feed on evidence-based research thus legitimizing only those treatments that clinically are repeatable and narrowly skews forms of treatment in the world of science. In contrast to that , we have additional modalities that are not evidence-based but on the fringes such as psychoneuroimmunology [a contrast between research-based evidence and theoretical new brain mind explorations] , body mind therapies, psychotherapy, hypnotism, all of which are  pushing at the evidence-based model. The significance of this shift for the reader of this blog is CAM's compelling evidence that favors guided imagery, meditation and relaxation for both practitioner and the patient / client. And this is because healing is not a linear progression of evidence-based constructs nor is it nonlinear in a pure imaginative realm. Healing is based on belief, treatment, and everything that falls in between. This blog is intended to inform both practitioners and patients. The relevance of the following material demonstrates the timeliness of the following conversation. The conversation that takes place as an open letter posted  Aug 19 2010, by the President at the national Institute for the clinical application of behavioral medicine. Interested then join in!


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