A healers voice is stilled Remembering David Simon




A healer’s Voice is stilled –in remembrance of David Simon


Early in the launch of the Guided Imagery Collective one clear voice inspired much of what the voice of healing is bringing forth. That voice of David Simon stilled is now reaching us at  http://www.chopra.com/files/rememberingdavid.html and by his works and gifts; a legacy that will influence the new field of healing and medicine for years to come.  It is always easy to reference his body of latest materials, while dismissing earlier works. The work that influenced me was Return to Wholeness written in 1999 and then repurposed into a superb DVD in 2010.  The rich context of this work is rooted in the most essential and holistic worldview that of spirit mind body. It was for Simon -  the practitioner  - his passion for honoring the patient enriching those of us who found our way to his works.

It was David Simon’s optimism and visionary perspective that spoke to a medical system that doesn't embrace as of yet, spirit, mind, body. Larry Dossey sums it up up eloquently   " in every challenge of life we need guides who can show us the way.  Dr. David Simon is a wise, compassionate physician, who can help anyone on the journey through the experience of cancer." In his final journey it was Cancer that became his doorway into death and into that field of divine energy which he drew his inspiration from. Take a few minutes and revisit David Simon and remember his gifts. Embedded in his legacy is a healing love. A gift we share and in turn share. Namaste David Simon.

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