Return to Wholeness

A mind / body approach to healing cancer

Guided by Deepak Chopra,MD, Stephanie Simonton, Ph.D., and David Simon, MD

altIf one is searching for a guided imagery tool that can impact healing, unmask illness, soften pain and visually navigate an animated journey in de-constructing cancer cells then Return to Wholeness is essential viewing.

This DVD brings together Deepak Chopra, Stephanie Simonton, and David Simon, the A team in holistic medicine. I often wondered what a truly integrated product using technology, animation, visuals, music and expert meditative direction would be like; the answer is Return to Wholeness. For the vast majority of audiences unfamiliar to the world of guided imagery, Dr. Simonton with her late husband has been credited as the earliest pioneer in bringing cancer treatment to the forefront through guided imagery. Take a look at the Simonton Cancer Center. Drs. Chopra and Simon together are responsible for both integrating the work of Dr. Simonton, relaxation and meditation as holistic/alternative guided imagery tools for skill development to new heights. It is wonderful to experience this collaboration, because it allows for four discreet techniques, each of which is a powerful, meditative tool.

A new perspective doesn't in itself guarantee success. But what it does do is point to the future dimensions of guided imagery and relaxation in bringing self-care management to patients and caregivers. The experience in this material offers a journey into visualizing the complexity of cellular formation and cellular recovery in the cancer cell.

 It offers visual force fields for overriding the stresses that exacerbate disease. I found the visual meditative landscape photoplay modules to be visual harmonics, patterned landscapes that allow the viewer to deepen his own experience in contrast to those materials that depend on nature-scapes and sea-scapes. This is visual patterning that in its simplicity promotes a going inward that often is difficult due to one’s own process or visual distractions. Return to Wholeness honors one’s own ground pure and simple.
The components that make up this exciting DVD include lectures, animation and guided meditations and concluding with a very thoughtful healing meditation that infers an orientation but never infringes on choice, by being open ended. The narratives are credited to Dr. Simon, whose earlier book is also reviewed on this site and shares the same title Return to Wholeness.
Return to Wholeness offers a thorough, sophisticated and compassionate service to audiences everywhere.

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