Burzynski "The Movie"

Burzynski, "The Movie"  Read blog or go to http://bit.ly/qTSJET  alt
FDA Exposed on Cancer treatment
Just released on Netflix !!!
This movie won the Humanitarian Vision Award at the Newport  Beach  Film Festival, 2010.
Variety calls "Burzynski, The Movie" "a dramatic expose of the FDA and its incestuous relationship with Big Pharma as it seeks to first discredit, then co-opt Burzynski's discovery." 

”The Science of Miracles” and then some

Gegg Brader. 

Should we care that Evidence-based research is showing its age - 

its time to journey into healing fields!

altGround breaking material that blows new energy into how we hold healing potential

The good news bad news scenario is alive and well!  This blog/review is to declare the good news – Gregg Braden’s message is important and highly relevant, the bad news - is its knowledge and relevance are framed outside mainstream science because it’s simply outside evidence - based research, or so we think. To my knowledge mathematics and cosmology and other theoretical sciences enjoy the acceptance of playing at theoretical thought and to a large degree enjoy credibility from their peers. It gets dicey when one makes claims within the scientific evidence based community that is outside theoretical sciences because the scientific establishment has to a large degree a lock on thinking.  Here comes Braden and these “thoughts from Gregg” as one interview on this DVD is called that are unsupportive by evidence-based research yet are accepted by much of the scientific community that are unwilling to come out of the closet for now at least; but not even close to be endorsed in scientific journals (see my review on Candace Pert in resource section The Molecules of Emotion to appreciate how publishing impacts science). Interested take a few minutes more!


Jonna's Body, please hold

A Cancerous Dark Comedy

altCan a dark comedy influence guided imagery! See for yourself!

I have included a more in-depth review of this DVD Jonna's Body in the innovation section under gleamings 
  because of its extraordinary creativity and capacity for deepening a healing experience.
As a culture we are deeply influenced through the medium of film and video. The depth of visual imprinting from this DVD is significant in that it embodies an emotional component rarely seen in material dealing with cancer. It’s magic, honesty, pathos and yes humor is drawn from a true life narrative of Jonna’s cancer experience. Never a downer but always passionate and bold!

When working with guided imagery one is often asked to frame an image based on a script taken from a playbook by a therapist or recorded CD. It is more meaningful if one is able to enter into one's own depths and there find imagery that honors the self. Jonna's Body is an imaginal catalyst in bringing forth healing imagery beyond anything currently offered in the field!

I wanted to focus this review on the comments from two audiences the physician and the nurse. These comments can be found on the website for Jonna's Body. Interested read on! http://www.guidedimagerycollective.org/gleamings/jonnas-body-please-hold


Return to Wholeness

A mind / body approach to healing cancer

Guided by Deepak Chopra,MD, Stephanie Simonton, Ph.D., and David Simon, MD

altIf one is searching for a guided imagery tool that can impact healing, unmask illness, soften pain and visually navigate an animated journey in de-constructing cancer cells then Return to Wholeness is essential viewing.

This DVD brings together Deepak Chopra, Stephanie Simonton, and David Simon, the A team in holistic medicine. I often wondered what a truly integrated product using technology, animation, visuals, music and expert meditative direction would be like; the answer is Return to Wholeness. For the vast majority of audiences unfamiliar to the world of guided imagery, Dr. Simonton with her late husband has been credited as the earliest pioneer in bringing cancer treatment to the forefront through guided imagery. Take a look at the Simonton Cancer Center. Drs. Chopra and Simon together are responsible for both integrating the work of Dr. Simonton, relaxation and meditation as holistic/alternative guided imagery tools for skill development to new heights. It is wonderful to experience this collaboration, because it allows for four discreet techniques, each of which is a powerful, meditative tool.

A new perspective doesn't in itself guarantee success. But what it does do is point to the future dimensions of guided imagery and relaxation in bringing self-care management to patients and caregivers. The experience in this material offers a journey into visualizing the complexity of cellular formation and cellular recovery in the cancer cell.