Your Healing Journey

Cellular serenity, impressions of “Your Healing Journey” 

Glenda Cedarleaf

altMs. Cedarleaf ’s “Your healing journey” is able to transport the listener by virtue of its clear heartfelt intentionality to serve in creating a healing atmosphere. As in poetry, as in art, as in a short story, there is a underlying narrative that either engages or disengages the reader, ion this case the listener. In this CD of Ms. Cedarleaf, the poetry like script is felt, the music’s ambient subtlety emotes an almost cellular serenity.  These aspects cannot be underrated because essentially they are the underpinnings of the entire healing-like experience. Then comes the quality of the speaker and clearly the script. She excels in her delivery of both. Ms. Cedarleaf has been trained extensively in the art of delivering guided experiences and skillfully keeps the listener attuned. One caveat of off the shelf materials is they can extinguish interest and to quickly deter future use; this is not the case here. Successful repetitive use of guided imagery material requires what is called a sense of novelty, and novelty requires the listener to stay engaged, to experience those ah ha’s by finding fresh insights, deeper meanings with each use of the material - not dissimilar to hearing music one loves or art. Essentially that is why we refer to these gifted materials as healing arts.  “Your Healing Journey” fits beautifully in this category.
Good Listening!

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