Psychosomatic Wellness

From the pioneer of Molecules of Emotion  Candace Pert Ph.Dalt

In beginning in guided imagery the quicker we get to embrace its power and potential the more we rediscover our inner healer. That healing begins with a bit of solid footing which this CD packages delivers and then some ! In a number of instances throughout this site the name of Dr. Candace Pert surfaces as one of the pioneering voices within the new mind-body movement. As an internationally respected psychopharmacologist, her research breakthroughs can be read in her work "Molecules of Emotion".

The Guided Imagery Collective's objectives in our early formation is in bringing to the forefront works that do more than simply create relaxation and self improvement but works that are able to expand our belief systems regarding our capacity to participate in our own healing. Therefore, having access to tools such as this one can play a significant part in bridging new ways of becoming, believing and healing. Dr. Pert through her own journey into cellular healing and the discovery of the inner workings that cells play has moved her into creating this particular CD.

I feel it is important for all of us who are exploring guided imagery to have a fundamental grounding in a few basic creative approaches that this particular CD offers. The primary introduction found here is of relevance and informs us so we may begin to shift our own points of view regarding our healing. The second primary value is Pert's relationship to light. Light is often thought of metaphorically, but here it is a healing construct into accessing deeper states of healing consciousness, relaxation consciousness, and breathing consciousness. This is but one of the few important processes that are explored within the CD. Additionally, we are offered affirmations that are accredited to Ms. Belleruth Naperstek . The information is golden and exquisitely fashioned, quickly absorbed and penetrate into our field of energy and consciousness. An inner healing field that is where these works need to play their roles as we expand ourselves into bodymind-thinking. Dr. pert has also expanded her vision regarding the molecules of emotion and has textured throughout these tracks specially created music that seems to bridge the gap between the material and inner spiritual realms. Progressive as ever Pert brings forth a formulated  sound design that was developed using melodic and tonal structures to replicate atomic relationships that follow orbiting atoms and based on thematic progressions. The Sounds True offering of Ms. Pert's Psychosomatic Wellness CD also includes an informative 16 page guide with cellular images which is added value plus expands the  information from the molecule to the music in a visual manner. This is a complete offering for anyone wanting to become grounded into the new thinking of the potential of guided imagery and music (produced in 2007). Highly recommended for everyone and should be one of the first purchases for anyone interested in addressing healing through guided imagery CDs. A perfect gift for caregivers as an introduction to guided imagery! 

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