Neurobiology of We

From Transpirational Integration to 

Engaged guided imageryalt

Daniel Siegel

7 Set CD from Sounds True

We are at a watershed moment in our informational society. We are experiencing an oncoming awakening in our healing medical institutions fostered by passionate pioneers or prophets of the last five decades in such fields as physics, cosmology, biology, cognitive sciences, and psychoneuroimmunology.

Dan Siegel from my point of view fits in this new breed of prophets in that he has worked at carefully connecting the collective inspired works now finding acceptance and altering the course of medicine and healing and has synthesized them into a powerful therapeutic model that touches on all aspects of healing beyond the psychological biological and transpersonal.

In his spacious (allowing content to deepen like an ocean) seven set CD from Sounds True entitled The Neurobiology of WE lays a foundation that is inclusive beyond many of the works found in the current  mindful awareness body of work, or from neurology, biology and the wisdom traditions. Siegel's journey into this integration of processes stems from his own sense of inquiry and early training as a  researcher,  physician, and the psychotherapist. Being disciplined as a researcher he is able to demonstrate the inter-connectivity between the early indigenous healers to the latest findings in the cognitive sciences, from the wisdom traditions to current mind studies and has masterfully constructed a process which he shares in these series of CDs. The culmination of this journey ends in what he is calling transpirational integration (an elegant concept). His style as a teacher is engaging and as one would guess  methodical in its presentation yet fully integrated in his own creative force, in his transparency and storytelling. His personal insights favor mindful awareness which he draws on from his many years as a teacher therapist  sharing studies from a number of cases within the mind studies and neuro-sciences.

When one follows the progression of Dr. Siegel's path step-by-step as in a mindful walking practice one is brought into a full spectrum of awareness of being in states of oneness or wholeness. This process is a form of a woven narrative integration of mindful awareness, his favored direction is oriented toward the heart, the seat of integration; he can be likened to a guide on a temple pilgrimage where one journeys from temple to temple, going deeper into the jungle, or higher into the mountain, each a resting place for creative intelligence and mindful integration until one finally reaches the summit of awareness. Siegel is a great companion to follow the calling of deepening one's practice in mindfulness and more importantly in this new transpirational integration.He is the kind of guide that has fully experienced the terrain and with great insight points the way. That said this is not a meditation tape, a scripted feel good journey, on the contrary this is a thoughtful engaging conversation on the neurobiology of awareness and integration.

For practitioners or anyone called into the grace of healing transformation the principles brought forth in Siegel's work as constructs in mindful awareness have an insightful quality in that at the core is Siegel's important contribution regarding the integration of left and right hemispheres and the significance they play in one's healing journey. Also his ability to re-frame much of the wisdom traditions as a kind of overly for personal transformation. This point is of particular importance to me in that he deepens the conversation regarding what I call an engaged level of presence, a kind of a spacious mind which I've come to call a form of pattern language that is embedded in guided imagery or imagination. Or what Siegel may possibly think of as a pre-narrative integration in that it aligns to the early formulations of cognitive states. States which we now think of as mid brain or primal but part of our navigating system, an orienting presence , spatial sensory systems.

By integrating these complementary modalities of transpirational integration and in a form of engaged guided imagery or pattern language the narrative like conversation or language of healing exponentially deepens our vital energies moving into deeper integration and healing. Essentially in having these expanded models that moves us into the heart of energy, the heart of awareness. Dan Siegel is a path finder and his contribution The Neurobiology of WE is an essential guide in this new landscape of healing consciousness and human development.


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