Mindful Healing

Music and Meditation for Pain Relief

Vidyamala Burch & Joshua Leeds, introduction by Jon Kabat-Zinn 

titleHarmony and relaxation abound in this combo set which demonstrates the progress that mindfulness is currently enjoying. We are now seeing formidable institutions such Stanford, UCLA and Harvard become centers of mindfulness and healing. This CD, a good introduction to mindfulness, is introduced by Jon Kabat-Zinn, who has been credited for much of the current mindfulness work.

In addition the second CD has a complete session of what is termed on the CD cover as classically / acoustically re-arranged classical compositions. Mr. Kabat-Zinn use of the play and the dance of the process smooth the hurdles (he clearly knows the territory) that all too often confront many of us when taking up the work of new material. The stress on intention and attention to the practice are reminders that nothing comes without degrees of right effort even though you may hear to the contrary.

The guided mindfulness sessions offered by Vidyamala Burch are clear and concise. The pacing the tonality and the rhythm of the sessions are quite effective. Anyone interested in mindful healing through mindfulness will find this material very useful. I enjoyed Ms.Burch's slight accent and pronunciation of the word body. It kept me focused on the material. The narrative script is thoughtful and weaves a soothing inner journey that is safe and not to specific so most listeners will share in the visualization. As in any instructional CD of this sort it is easy to overlook the power of simplicity when offering a learning regarding the basics. This CD is a straightforward approach and a beginner’s introduction and because of it the material is easily learned.

The classical selections of Joshua Leeds in particularly the Satie pieces, for anyone unfamiliar with them, is a musical highlight of the CD. Therefore, the combination of the mindfulness training, and the integration of the relaxation classical music make this combination a winning one.

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