Ison Pain management System

David Ison Sounds True 2 CDS

Music and Meditation to Release Pain and Anxiety


There is no doubt that relaxation response breathing and a rhythmic pulsating sound can influence degrees of self-care management regarding pain and anxiety (read sidebar comment for my personal experience). The Ison Pain Management System, part of the Musical Body Series is a user-friendly two CD media for integrating breath and is something akin to the art mindfulness meditation in that it embodies techniques of following certain mental prescriptions of being mindful of our bodymind. Of course everyone by now has heard of mindfulness the newest healing system that is gaining popularity across many therapeutic schools and medical institutions.

One could make the analogy that mindfulness meditation is an extra strength formula and the Ison method regular strength. The advantages of regular strength, is in its simplicity and purity. It is non pretentious nor is it over intellectualizing in theoretical constructs and stays close to the heart of the matter which is using the breath, using sound / music, using rhythm, and using a common sense narration that can be easily adapted by almost everyone. True one can also simply rely on similar technology i.e. a cd for mindfulness meditation but here is where the two part company. Mindfulness is a system that requires advanced forms of effort, as any meditator will tell you.

The Ison’s simplicity which is a commitment to listening also lends itself across a broad audience base that prefer listening to sounds as aids to maintaining an engaged mind vs. the discipline of a sitting meditation and its more rigorous postures. The current popularity of mindfulness has one major drawback which is it requires significant practice and training. On the plus side both Mindfulness and the Ison System enjoy evidence-based research showing their effectiveness. As in any healing modality finding balance be it in diet, medicine or relaxation therapies it always comes down to know thyself and what learning styles best suit our temperament! For anyone interested in an auditory sound based system for deepening their own self-care pain / emotional intervention and management Ison's system gets high marks. It is an excellent starting point for deepening the healing breath and is clinically tested and proven effective. There's lots more!

Each CD (one for pain, the other for anxiety) follows the same format with one focusing on pain while the other more of the emotional side Anxiety.

The healing of self-therapy is about deepening our intuitive side and hearing our bodies so as to move into healing and is not a detour around medical attention. Currently, there are a number of products that are being offered regarding sound therapy coupled with relaxation response. The quality of this particular product is superior and offers a narrative that is autobiographical and therefore helps the listener connect with its narrator guide David Ison. As one becomes comfortable with the narrative on can move into the pure power of the sound meditation. The material offered doesn't pretend to offer more than is required which in itself allows for a very simple yet deeply healing environment. At the core of healing energy is the breath. In guided imagery, in music therapy, in hypnosis, in psychotherapy, it always comes down to allowing oneself to enter into deep space of relaxation where much of healing takes place. If one is to explore the power of pain control and issues of anxiety using techniques offered in this musical body system one will be in good hands. Recommended for all.See:

My healing Story (a sidebar)

If you are a caregiver I want to share my story. I recently played the role of caregiver in guiding my daughter in a breath practice as she was being subjected to a rather painful procedure in a hospital undergoing a test for complications related to colorectal cancer. The intervention I later learned helped her from a fear that would have traumatized her and exacerbated her pain levels. As caregivers we can offer healing presence and reverse the affects of that all too often feeling of helpless as we see our loved ones suffering, frightened, in pain.

Lying in pain and readying for a Scan, she was being given 16 very large syringes of a fluid through a tube inserted in her nostril; a painful and fearful experience as she received the medication. Holding her hand I simply counted in a soft voice 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 slowly, rhythmically, methodically over and over again, slowing down the tempo until each tube was empty. The next day we were discussing her time in the emergency room and is when my daughter shared with me what I’m sharing with you - Eva said, " Thanks Dad - I would've never been able to go through this if it weren't for the counting of the breath, I was scared and tired and found the inner place to let go and I was no longer afraid".

This is why I’m an evangelist / advocate for guided imagery and related therapies. Healing is intentional and takes place when there is a presence (albeit with the patient, healthcare professional, caregiver, or healer) of a knowledge of compassion and awakening to the gifts of healing intelligence; an intelligence that grows with information and deepens with knowledge and is the focus of my work with the guided imagery collective.

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