Intentional Healing

Consciousness and Connection for Health and Well-Being

Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D.

altIntentional Healing as a work is a forward motion of guided imagery at it most graceful as shared in Achterberg’s thirty five years of her hands-on teachings and rigorous research. It is very enriching to see the pioneers of the guided imagery discipline mature and share. Ms. Achterberg (I was reprimanded by a reader for not being formal regarding use of Dr. but these are folks not gods - as they will be the first to tell you) is bringing an inner wisdom to this work of guided imagery, which she uses to launch into deeper states of well-being, as only a few can!

Reviewing Intentional Healing

The best way to summarize a work of this depth is to think of it in terms of it being a masterwork. Years ago as a young boy living adjacent to the USC campus school of music I vividly recall a series of classes called the Masterworks at that time and were being taught by musical giants such as Pablo Casals and Andre Segovia. These were classes taught by the maestros and it's how I feel about this particular body of six CDs subtitled Consciousness and Connection for Health and Well-Being. This subtitle says it all. Each CD is a complete passage into a healing journey traversed by Achterberg. Her healing research and years of field work became the stuff of her mastering the discipline of healing intentionality through guided imagery, through breath, ritual, loving kindness and finally into forms of cross cultural healing arts. These works have been fashioned together in order to speak to a number of discerning audiences from the casual reader interested in new healing and guided imagery’s progression to the most sophisticated practitioner. But its main audience is that one human being moved to seek deeper states of inner healing. The healing dance that is shared here is framed through a number of specific suggested processes that have been proven and are now shared in such a manner that one can feel the presence of being taught by the master. The experiences of these processes traverse distant landscapes and distant cultures. Even to the point of going beyond culture in what is called pre-verbal language, a kind of body imagery at a cellular level, an enfolding in to transpersonal healing. It is a resilience that can only come from being on healing’s edge, seeing the crisis through the eyes of that gift which is that steepest learning curve, the daring to be the most human while being the most vulnerable, learning to love the deepest kind of love - a Meta Love - love for all things, for all beings. We are also reminded that the fields of intentional healing are fertile grounds for being held, for finding support and the blessings in having advocates.

We are guided to the core of the mindbody continuum, which is Intentional healing. This work offers research based finding that should appeal to the psychotherapist in an area that I’ve seen referred to as the Hillman Gap (James Hillman), which carries degrees of mixed reactions for the therapist community. “So, the work of the psychotherapist is always shadowed by feelings of inferiority which fasten on the fact that he or she is 'not medical'. To come to its own, psychotherapy has to stand apart from its medical oppressor who speaks with the voice of materialism, scientism, and linear causality.” This work delivers not just for the psychotherapists but patients and care professionals the necessary data and knowledge to do just that – to have a voice, a healing conversation. Intentional Healing doesn’t stop there because it speaks in many levels of consciousness; it is also a personal journey a shared experience with cancer, with healing, and with discovery. It is a non-linear slow movement that crosses over when appropriate to keep within the healing framework between mindbody medicine and healing arts.

Expanding her reach Achterberg training as a scientist reminds us of the power of aligning the language of medicine with the language of healing. She deepens our awareness of the new thinking in mind-body medicine between the forces of science and spirituality (not religion as she states). She is able to build for us a lexicon of healing, and she rigorously defines for us new technologies and methodologies for healing and ending with forms of new thought that encompass theory of quantum entanglements (deep stuff indeed but treated with the right words that we can all grasp, words that don’t over reach but inform). Again we hear the master's voice and we learn how to explore the power of intentional healing. But this work doesn't stop at just healing for it expands the notion of consciousness and it brings in new terms such as neural theology, transpersonal imagery, distant healing, entanglement theory, and it reminds us that "research does have value - its fertile nature back fills and validates existence, knowledge, wisdom and belief structures” And finally as every master storyteller simply expands their gifts we are given a line of a poem and here Walt Whitman is given the honors, in his ode to holiness, beauty and the body – “I sing the body electric” from his Leaves of Grass. That’s it “I sign the body electric”

This series of six CD’s touches the electric ground of energy and healing, the sacred and the body, those inner scapes of Intentional Healing. This is a lifelong work; it is a door into new healing into a conscious awareness for living with others on our planet! I’m listening to it again; I recommend you take some time to do so as well.



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