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A full bodied collection / and then some - Belleruth Naparstek
alt“ Let Bellruth Naparstek’s soothing words heal and soothe your soul” a tag line from one of the channels that markets the Health Journey’s collection of materials  As mentioned elsewhere in the Guided Imagery Collective’s web pages the offerings at Health Journeys are considerable which is why we selected to show images of a variety of subjects. Once you access the site these subjects unfold covering many conditions from a number of healing perspectives. 
One could even say that the field of guided imagery is almost completely covered within the boundaries of Health Journeys (don’t hit that link at least until you read the sharing a pov  below).  It is the intention of this resource section as within any library to bring those materials that can best inform the user. All one needs to do is to follow this link and you will have a thorough appreciation of off the shelf materials that are made available regarding guided imagery. Health Journeys promotes itself as resources for mind, body and spirit. Bellruth is the guiding light behind Health Journeys and is highly respected within the profession.
She is a frequent presenter at conferences and is where I had the pleasure of hearing her speak at the Healing Journey Conference where she shared her process and her meditation like presentation. She has a refreshing air about her and a healer’s heart. Many of the Healing Journeys CDs, which I have listened to are by Belluth and bring a healing heart and gifted understanding of the subtlety required to infuse healing, biology and psychology into one finely tuned presentation. 
The Guided Imagery Collective feels that the pioneers who have created much of these materials found on the Health Journeys site are owed a debt of gratitude especially when some are made available through Kaiser Permanente audio library at no cost. Therefore, make it a priority to hear for your-self how these materials fit your style and inner hearing regarding your guided imagery process and remember one size does not fit all. Please go and explore the depths of this site and the materials at Kaiser.
Sharing a point of view:
In every field there are multiple approaches and it holds true as to the types and approaches of healing levels one can access in guided imagery. It is the intention of the Guided Imagery Collective to explore new resources that in them selves are exploring what we refer to as the deeper side of guided imagery. The deeper side of guided imagery addresses spirit mind-body through the belief that deep healing is accessible when one is able to have the realization and awakening that indeed vibrates in the axiom healer heal thyself.  You as a listener when accessing guided imagery materials which are scripted need to be aware that the levels which you approach the guides directions may or may not be aligned with our own belief system. When that situation arises then healing may in fact have minimal impact; so where to from here?
As with any discipline guided imagery needs to have a starting ground and clearly Health Journeys delivers 100%. When working with these materials, come to appreciate that healing is a deep process. Therefore continue to explore materials that speak to you intuitively and you will be guided successfully as new materials are presented in this resource section; so come back and see what resonates ( 33 slides, a visual field guide to guided imagery to give you a feel for what I mean). It is our intention to find practitioners who themselves are exploring and deepening their process of guided imagery. We are now seeing after 40 years of a sister related practice, relaxation response now getting out of the word closet and called for what it always was – meditation.
It is being shared within the institutional medical field and is experiencing a great deal of interest. It too has a theoretical framework and a number of specialized approaches that are rooted in the wisdom schools, as was medicine. Because guided imagery crosses over into Spirit mind-body related concentrations there is a wealth of teachings that one can draw on to enhance their own visualization process. Those too will be explored in the resource section and is the reason that the new Red Book by Carl Jung (see innovation section) has been reviewed. Guided imagery is a rich highly textured theoretical process and as stated in my previous blog “On Cracking the Placebo Code” is re-constructive in its ability to extend our mental universe and to access deeper states of embodied healing energy.
Evidence–based medicine is wrapping its research process around guided imagery to the extent it acknowledged healing is taking place. Imagine what will happen when we all find out we have the gift to make healing happen more often by what we see as our inner gift! That’s why we all need to pay attention to our healing capability and find new ways to channel energies to overcome impressions that engender illness not just for ourselves but, to the greater community.

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