Healing Journey

The Classics

Emmett Miller MD
altIntuitively throughout one of two 25-minute tracks (the other is breathing music) healing mosaic of sound, music, verbal passages and poetic imagery Dr. Miller’s incorporates current day dynamics in his guided imagery Healing Journey CD. There is an expressive quality almost mystical in its call - in one particular passage we are asked to be hollow like a bamboo flute, being breathed by the deeper self. The poetics alone aren't what makes this particular imagery impactful. What makes it impactful is the fact that it's a composition both musically and vocally. Miller’s resonance offers a strong comforting tone that inspires the listener which is masterfully accompanied by a sound-scape, voice-scape and imagery. The listener is gently guided into a personal imagery; an imagery with a soft directive to overcome patterns and layers waiting to be set free in order to help facilitate healing. The skills in which these scripts unfold are what make this one of the classics. Recommended for everyone.

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