Neurobiology of We

From Transpirational Integration to 

Engaged guided imageryalt

Daniel Siegel

7 Set CD from Sounds True

We are at a watershed moment in our informational society. We are experiencing an oncoming awakening in our healing medical institutions fostered by passionate pioneers or prophets of the last five decades in such fields as physics, cosmology, biology, cognitive sciences, and psychoneuroimmunology.

Dan Siegel from my point of view fits in this new breed of prophets in that he has worked at carefully connecting the collective inspired works now finding acceptance and altering the course of medicine and healing and has synthesized them into a powerful therapeutic model that touches on all aspects of healing beyond the psychological biological and transpersonal.



William Bengston, Ph.D.

Sounds True Audio learning Course six CDs

altThe premise of this audio course is built upon one fundamental issue, an issue that has deep ramifications for the healing community! Does hands-on healing work and can it be taught?

Be skeptical because its proponent and its healer Bengston are as well.This already separates it from any course I've heard of. What you have in this training course is a lifelong interest by scientists who has a quest for knowledge and sets out using evidence-based research skills to validate his discoveries in hands-on-healing and then some. If you haven't already read Bengston's complementary book Energy Healing as an introduction to this work or listened to one of the podcasts offered through his website ( or SoundsTrue ( I suggest you do so.The reason is simple, Hands-On-Healing is an investment into time and is a path requiring commitment and altering thinking regarding how healing works. Find out why and read on!


Ison Pain management System

David Ison Sounds True 2 CDS

Music and Meditation to Release Pain and Anxiety


There is no doubt that relaxation response breathing and a rhythmic pulsating sound can influence degrees of self-care management regarding pain and anxiety (read sidebar comment for my personal experience). The Ison Pain Management System, part of the Musical Body Series is a user-friendly two CD media for integrating breath and is something akin to the art mindfulness meditation in that it embodies techniques of following certain mental prescriptions of being mindful of our bodymind. Of course everyone by now has heard of mindfulness the newest healing system that is gaining popularity across many therapeutic schools and medical institutions.

One could make the analogy that mindfulness meditation is an extra strength formula and the Ison method regular strength. The advantages of regular strength, is in its simplicity and purity. It is non pretentious nor is it over intellectualizing in theoretical constructs and stays close to the heart of the matter which is using the breath, using sound / music, using rhythm, and using a common sense narration that can be easily adapted by almost everyone. True one can also simply rely on similar technology i.e. a cd for mindfulness meditation but here is where the two part company. Mindfulness is a system that requires advanced forms of effort, as any meditator will tell you.

The Ison’s simplicity which is a commitment to listening also lends itself across a broad audience base that prefer listening to sounds as aids to maintaining an engaged mind vs. the discipline of a sitting meditation and its more rigorous postures. The current popularity of mindfulness has one major drawback which is it requires significant practice and training. On the plus side both Mindfulness and the Ison System enjoy evidence-based research showing their effectiveness. As in any healing modality finding balance be it in diet, medicine or relaxation therapies it always comes down to know thyself and what learning styles best suit our temperament! For anyone interested in an auditory sound based system for deepening their own self-care pain / emotional intervention and management Ison's system gets high marks. It is an excellent starting point for deepening the healing breath and is clinically tested and proven effective. There's lots more!


Intentional Healing

Consciousness and Connection for Health and Well-Being

Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D.

altIntentional Healing as a work is a forward motion of guided imagery at it most graceful as shared in Achterberg’s thirty five years of her hands-on teachings and rigorous research. It is very enriching to see the pioneers of the guided imagery discipline mature and share. Ms. Achterberg (I was reprimanded by a reader for not being formal regarding use of Dr. but these are folks not gods - as they will be the first to tell you) is bringing an inner wisdom to this work of guided imagery, which she uses to launch into deeper states of well-being, as only a few can!

Reviewing Intentional Healing

The best way to summarize a work of this depth is to think of it in terms of it being a masterwork. Years ago as a young boy living adjacent to the USC campus school of music I vividly recall a series of classes called the Masterworks at that time and were being taught by musical giants such as Pablo Casals and Andre Segovia. These were classes taught by the maestros and it's how I feel about this particular body of six CDs subtitled Consciousness and Connection for Health and Well-Being. This subtitle says it all. Each CD is a complete passage into a healing journey traversed by Achterberg. Her healing research and years of field work became the stuff of her mastering the discipline of healing intentionality through guided imagery, through breath, ritual, loving kindness and finally into forms of cross cultural healing arts. These works have been fashioned together in order to speak to a number of discerning audiences from the casual reader interested in new healing and guided imagery’s progression to the most sophisticated practitioner. But its main audience is that one human being moved to seek deeper states of inner healing. The healing dance that is shared here is framed through a number of specific suggested processes that have been proven and are now shared in such a manner that one can feel the presence of being taught by the master. The experiences of these processes traverse distant landscapes and distant cultures. Even to the point of going beyond culture in what is called pre-verbal language, a kind of body imagery at a cellular level, an enfolding in to transpersonal healing. It is a resilience that can only come from being on healing’s edge, seeing the crisis through the eyes of that gift which is that steepest learning curve, the daring to be the most human while being the most vulnerable, learning to love the deepest kind of love - a Meta Love - love for all things, for all beings. We are also reminded that the fields of intentional healing are fertile grounds for being held, for finding support and the blessings in having advocates.


Health Journeys Collection

A full bodied collection / and then some - Belleruth Naparstek
alt“ Let Bellruth Naparstek’s soothing words heal and soothe your soul” a tag line from one of the channels that markets the Health Journey’s collection of materials  As mentioned elsewhere in the Guided Imagery Collective’s web pages the offerings at Health Journeys are considerable which is why we selected to show images of a variety of subjects. Once you access the site these subjects unfold covering many conditions from a number of healing perspectives. 
One could even say that the field of guided imagery is almost completely covered within the boundaries of Health Journeys (don’t hit that link at least until you read the sharing a pov  below).  It is the intention of this resource section as within any library to bring those materials that can best inform the user. All one needs to do is to follow this link and you will have a thorough appreciation of off the shelf materials that are made available regarding guided imagery. Health Journeys promotes itself as resources for mind, body and spirit. Bellruth is the guiding light behind Health Journeys and is highly respected within the profession.
She is a frequent presenter at conferences and is where I had the pleasure of hearing her speak at the Healing Journey Conference where she shared her process and her meditation like presentation. She has a refreshing air about her and a healer’s heart. Many of the Healing Journeys CDs, which I have listened to are by Belluth and bring a healing heart and gifted understanding of the subtlety required to infuse healing, biology and psychology into one finely tuned presentation. 
The Guided Imagery Collective feels that the pioneers who have created much of these materials found on the Health Journeys site are owed a debt of gratitude especially when some are made available through Kaiser Permanente audio library at no cost. Therefore, make it a priority to hear for your-self how these materials fit your style and inner hearing regarding your guided imagery process and remember one size does not fit all. Please go and explore the depths of this site and the materials at Kaiser.

Psychosomatic Wellness

From the pioneer of Molecules of Emotion  Candace Pert Ph.Dalt

In beginning in guided imagery the quicker we get to embrace its power and potential the more we rediscover our inner healer. That healing begins with a bit of solid footing which this CD packages delivers and then some ! In a number of instances throughout this site the name of Dr. Candace Pert surfaces as one of the pioneering voices within the new mind-body movement. As an internationally respected psychopharmacologist, her research breakthroughs can be read in her work "Molecules of Emotion".

The Guided Imagery Collective's objectives in our early formation is in bringing to the forefront works that do more than simply create relaxation and self improvement but works that are able to expand our belief systems regarding our capacity to participate in our own healing. Therefore, having access to tools such as this one can play a significant part in bridging new ways of becoming, believing and healing. Dr. Pert through her own journey into cellular healing and the discovery of the inner workings that cells play has moved her into creating this particular CD.

I feel it is important for all of us who are exploring guided imagery to have a fundamental grounding in a few basic creative approaches that this particular CD offers. The primary introduction found here is of relevance and informs us so we may begin to shift our own points of view regarding our healing. The second primary value is Pert's relationship to light. Light is often thought of metaphorically, but here it is a healing construct into accessing deeper states of healing consciousness, relaxation consciousness, and breathing consciousness. This is but one of the few important processes that are explored within the CD.


Awakening the Leader Within & Healing Journey

Preparing for the healing process

Emmett Miller MD

A review in two partstitle
A part of the intention of the guided imagery collective is to revisit what is referred to as the best in class of materials and is the reason for this revisiting of one of the earliest guided imagery materials dating back to 1979. Advancements in guided imagery material in our current day are incorporating some of the deeper mindfulness relaxation techniques and body mind interplay. Additionally, to bring forth materials that assist in preparing one for instilling a positive and intentional focus for one’s personal healing journey. Therefore these two CD’s are being reviewed in tandem.
As with any journey having a sense of one's destination, expectations, and simple reality regarding ones own abilities are the elements that one considers when preparing for a journey. In using the metaphor of climbing a mountain there is even more preparation for that requires an awareness of the difficulty of the terrain, of the climactic conditions, whether the climb is a solo or team venture, equipment checks and how well the path is marked and the base camp locations. Dr. Miller has developed a number of specific tools, which he refers to as leadership skills, deep self-awareness, and meditation, which are tools that prepare one for the metaphoric assent. They outfit once psychically in preparing one for the inner summit. Tools that flex the necessary internal beliefs that engage one by psychologically mirroring those places that will help one maximize one's intention.


Healing Journey

The Classics

Emmett Miller MD
altIntuitively throughout one of two 25-minute tracks (the other is breathing music) healing mosaic of sound, music, verbal passages and poetic imagery Dr. Miller’s incorporates current day dynamics in his guided imagery Healing Journey CD. There is an expressive quality almost mystical in its call - in one particular passage we are asked to be hollow like a bamboo flute, being breathed by the deeper self. The poetics alone aren't what makes this particular imagery impactful. What makes it impactful is the fact that it's a composition both musically and vocally. Miller’s resonance offers a strong comforting tone that inspires the listener which is masterfully accompanied by a sound-scape, voice-scape and imagery. The listener is gently guided into a personal imagery; an imagery with a soft directive to overcome patterns and layers waiting to be set free in order to help facilitate healing. The skills in which these scripts unfold are what make this one of the classics. Recommended for everyone.


Your Healing Journey

Cellular serenity, impressions of “Your Healing Journey” 

Glenda Cedarleaf

altMs. Cedarleaf ’s “Your healing journey” is able to transport the listener by virtue of its clear heartfelt intentionality to serve in creating a healing atmosphere. As in poetry, as in art, as in a short story, there is a underlying narrative that either engages or disengages the reader, ion this case the listener. In this CD of Ms. Cedarleaf, the poetry like script is felt, the music’s ambient subtlety emotes an almost cellular serenity.  These aspects cannot be underrated because essentially they are the underpinnings of the entire healing-like experience. Then comes the quality of the speaker and clearly the script. She excels in her delivery of both. Ms. Cedarleaf has been trained extensively in the art of delivering guided experiences and skillfully keeps the listener attuned. One caveat of off the shelf materials is they can extinguish interest and to quickly deter future use; this is not the case here. Successful repetitive use of guided imagery material requires what is called a sense of novelty, and novelty requires the listener to stay engaged, to experience those ah ha’s by finding fresh insights, deeper meanings with each use of the material - not dissimilar to hearing music one loves or art. Essentially that is why we refer to these gifted materials as healing arts.  “Your Healing Journey” fits beautifully in this category.
Good Listening!


Mindful Healing

Music and Meditation for Pain Relief

Vidyamala Burch & Joshua Leeds, introduction by Jon Kabat-Zinn 

titleHarmony and relaxation abound in this combo set which demonstrates the progress that mindfulness is currently enjoying. We are now seeing formidable institutions such Stanford, UCLA and Harvard become centers of mindfulness and healing. This CD, a good introduction to mindfulness, is introduced by Jon Kabat-Zinn, who has been credited for much of the current mindfulness work.

In addition the second CD has a complete session of what is termed on the CD cover as classically / acoustically re-arranged classical compositions. Mr. Kabat-Zinn use of the play and the dance of the process smooth the hurdles (he clearly knows the territory) that all too often confront many of us when taking up the work of new material. The stress on intention and attention to the practice are reminders that nothing comes without degrees of right effort even though you may hear to the contrary.