Awakening the Leader Within & Healing Journey

Preparing for the healing process

Emmett Miller MD

A review in two partstitle
A part of the intention of the guided imagery collective is to revisit what is referred to as the best in class of materials and is the reason for this revisiting of one of the earliest guided imagery materials dating back to 1979. Advancements in guided imagery material in our current day are incorporating some of the deeper mindfulness relaxation techniques and body mind interplay. Additionally, to bring forth materials that assist in preparing one for instilling a positive and intentional focus for one’s personal healing journey. Therefore these two CD’s are being reviewed in tandem.
As with any journey having a sense of one's destination, expectations, and simple reality regarding ones own abilities are the elements that one considers when preparing for a journey. In using the metaphor of climbing a mountain there is even more preparation for that requires an awareness of the difficulty of the terrain, of the climactic conditions, whether the climb is a solo or team venture, equipment checks and how well the path is marked and the base camp locations. Dr. Miller has developed a number of specific tools, which he refers to as leadership skills, deep self-awareness, and meditation, which are tools that prepare one for the metaphoric assent. They outfit once psychically in preparing one for the inner summit. Tools that flex the necessary internal beliefs that engage one by psychologically mirroring those places that will help one maximize one's intention.

Beliefs that if counter to one’s wellbeing deter the art of the start. If we can shift our beliefs to feel the leader, internal guide then we can feel prepared and ready for a powerful transformative experience and that is the reason that I’m recommending these CD's as a pair. Dr. Miller believes so strongly in preparing one for this leadership awakening that he has recorded a number of versions so that the listener can access them throughout the day as one carries on their daily activities. What I find most significant in the works of Dr. Miller who practices mind/body medicine and psychotherapy is that his motivation is purely to instill a sense of empowerment for the listener. Versus for the listener messages which confuse and blur boundaries by incorporating levels of prosperity consciousness and materialism. Here the one simple and powerful truth is shared. You have the power within to journey forth. It is that alignment that prepares one for the climb into actualizing the leader within. A leader prepared to deepen one’s healing journey.

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