Return to Wholeness

Embracing Body, Mind and Spirit in the Face of Cancer

by David Simon MD

titleIn the current field of materials on guided imagery and healing a number of books stand out. It is always easy to reference the latest materials, while dismissing earlier works. Much of the good literature on guided imagery was written in the 1980s and early 90s and is still readily available on bookshelves everywhere. All one needs to do is simply type in guided imagery, and these works will surface. One book that won't surface is Return to Wholeness written in 1999 because its title doesn’t trigger the search engines’ keywords, and its holistic leanings obscure it from the literature of guided imagery. The rich context of this book is rooted in the most essential and holistic worldview that of spirit mind body. It is from the practitioner’s (Dr. Simon) own passion for honoring the patient that makes reading this material enriching and compelling.

David Simon’s optimism and vision addresses a medical system that doesn't yet embrace spirit, mind and body: "I'd like to envision a medical system that embraces the best of the principles discussed in this book. It would not be a disease care system as currently exists, and would not stop at being a health care system. It would be a healing system, dedicated to providing care that honors the sanctity of life and treats each person with dignity, compassion, and love. It would be a place in which each person is treated the way we would want our family members or ourselves to be treated. The very best of standard medical care would be available and always offered in the spirit of caring and respect. Our minds are thought fields. Our bodies are molecule fields. These two fields are inextricably interwoven so that a disturbance in one generates a disturbance in the other. When we are composed, our thoughts are impulses of balance and creativity and our bodies experience comfort and ease.”

“Increasingly, visualization approaches, oriented towards invoking harmonizing images are being favored. Rather than generating combat mentality, imagery can be used to calm the inner environment of distress and encourage a healing response. Visualizing a healthy functioning body is one way to encourage this memory of health." Dr. Simon goes on to validate what the new sciences are currently realizing and finding their way into the medical system "every move, emotion, recognition, insight, an idea simultaneously generates a change in the chemistry or electrical activity within our brains. These subtle variations are communicated to the rest of the body through chemical messengers that informed the heart, gut, loans, and even human cells as to our state of mind. Although we usually think of intelligence as being localized in the nervous system, in actuality intelligence is present in every cell in our body. Our measure of intelligence is the ability to make optimal choices. In response to changes in our environment, and every healthy cell in her body meets this criteria. If we accept that our cumulative experiences generate the molecules that structure our bodies, we can begin to understand that changing our perceptions and interpretations can change our quality of life. Our sensory perceptions, subtly yet powerfully craft our reality map. Changing our inputs can transform our reality."

The value of this treasure, Return to Wholeness, is the author’s compassionate voice, his tender heart, and eternal wisdom. The writer’s voice doesn't preach, his mind doesn't dwell on the psychological, but his heart, opens one to healing. This book will appeal to everyone from one starting their journey towards wellness to the most sophisticated practitioner, because it delivers a message that resonates in everyone's being. Free of complexities and slim on categorizing illnesses, it states its case. Larry Dorsey sums it up eloquently: "in every challenge of life we need guides who can show us the way. Dr. David Simon is a wise, compassionate physician, who can help anyone on the journey through the experience of cancer."

Dr. Simon's, postscript concludes, "I pray that those who are facing cancer and those who love those who are facing cancer find healing and peace in their lives. May the offerings contained in this book help relieve suffering, while expanding love and wisdom."


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