Healing and Transformation Through Self-Guided Imagery

The art of self-guided imagery gets brighter

Leslie Davenport MFT

altThere have been a few grandmasters in the field of current guided imagery and related modalities and for me; one that has stood tallest is Ernest Rossi.  He champions the art of imagination through his rigorous lens and his works on dreams, mind body healing and the new field of gene expression. He has more than once reminded me of the force of remaining in a state of inspired attention in the work of imagination requires degrees of novelty. It is one of the keys for maintaining a deep connection with self facilitated inner states. The key he explained are those wonderful moments when one sees with new eyes, those ah ha moments; the surprises that are the key points that engage at the deepest levels when one is working in the area of imagery. We now explore Ms Davenport’s new work

Ms. Davenport brings a visionaries perspective. Not those lofty metaphysical visions but the grounded ones that reflect back to the reader the ground of nature and simple being. Her skilled writing takes us into a gentle guided imagery landscape accompanied with exercises that unfolds one. In what she calls her eyes opened exercise, exercises that artfully help in maintaining novelty. These exercises are pointers, way finders, and refreshing alternatives for enhancing one’s inner guidance system.

Ms. Davenport’s title reminds us – through self-guided imagery – that her work is her eyes open approach and is brought to each page as a very subtle reminder that there are layers of seeing in the deeper sense and as one sees the more open one becomes through her skillful guidance and poetic storytelling as well a collection of narratives and wisdom teachings. She beckons the reader to see over there, to imagine what it would be like in a faraway time -- she is able to weave a relationship to those strands of being, of possibility of being this.  Her gentle guidance protects us from the sand traps of fantasy or worse yet, over influenced by other abstractions. Her lessons become a valuable interplay in helping one navigate uncharted imagery waters. She asks, in one of her exercises.  What does this flower want you to        know; an exquisite metaphor for unfolding one's own inner flower. Ms. Davenport concluded her deep self guided imagery writings by quoting Blake from his doors of perception, where everything is seen.

 This work is a welcome companion to selected writings of other authors as Rossman, Archterberg and Naperstak, who have championed guided imagery. This is a companion piece because of its self-facilitated guided exercises, which offers the reader new tools, a kind of neo journal, a collection of sensory perceptions-- a vehicle for layered expression through one’s intuitive senses. The work itself is an invitation to sit, reflect and allow the tea to be served as it quiets one allowing the imagery to unfold and healing and transformation to enter and greet us.

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." Jung.

In reading Healing and Transformation through Self-Guided Imagery the reader leaves better for it as did this one.

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