Fighting Cancer from Within

The Consummate expression of a life with Guided Imagery

Martin L. Rossman, M. D.

title"The Spirit is the master, imagination the tool, and the body the plastic material". In an early chapter Rossman's quote of Paracelsus is a fitting introduction to a work that shares a path for finding deep-seated intelligence in dealing with illness. While the title Fighting Cancer does capture issues regarding treatment and guided Imagery, its quintessence lies within the lines of Martin as a master storyteller of 35 years working with guided imagery. Through his assimilation of many healing journeys and major issues in dealing with catastrophic illness he sets out to address what he has come to regard as the most pressing questions facing patients.

  • What are the best images for healing?
  • How can I make my imagery more powerful?
  • What aspects of physical healing can't imagery potentially influence?

With a wonderful sense of delivery each chapter moves us deeper within. In summary Dr. Rossman has given us an important tool on how to move into healing from within. If you want to learn more please continue reading.

In reviewing some of these masterworks on guided Imagery reference has been made to the importance of these pioneering teachers regarding guided imagery and inner healing. This particular work extends beyond the classics and is what I like to refer to as a work that is the kind of the trust fund. A trust fund because the trust that is shared within this work comes from a compassionate experienced doctor. 

A storyteller and experienced guide; chapter by chapter until in the very end we have a body of teachings that create a sense of security to trust that we can deepen our own journey into healing.This volume is a companion piece to Dr. Rossman's earlier work Guided Imagery for Self-Healing. The choice in reviewing Fighting Cancer from Within first is because of its skillful and in-depth guidance regarding how each of us when confronted with a diagnosis of the magnitude of the C word and how our culture relates to certain diseases we saw it as a priority in pointing to this work for guidance that can offer levels of intelligence beyond simply data, information, and knowledge.

Intelligence comes when one is able to integrate the information, which in turn expands one's understanding that culminates in a degree of knowledge. Intelligence is that inner seed of knowing that comes from degrees of trust and support which is what, this book is all about - trust and support.The level of trust that it conveys is a compliment to Dr. Rossman's own journey working with so many souls and so many wonderful teachers that he is able to build a high ground of trust. As an MD that is transparent we are supported with his knowledge as well. Support also comes by way of the knowledge of the importance that comes when one is able to surrender and accept new ideas, new friends, new treatments and most of all gifted healers.

One of Dr. Rossman's anecdotal stories takes us into some of his family experiences in being part of a search mission for a headmaster for his daughter's school. The winning candidate when asked what he thought was his highest priority he responded– the job of the headmaster is to articulate the vision over and over again. To articulate the vision is holding the intelligence of spirit mind-body, holding the intelligence through compassion and equanimity. In closing Martin Rossman has given us an important tool in holding a vision as well as how to intelligently deepen healing from within.

A must Read!!! 

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