Cell Level Meditation

A practical Tool and a wise vsion into the cell

Patricia Kay MA and Barry Grundland MD

titleIn the world of new medicine and healing we are seeing the curtain rise and the shadow play losing ground. We see the shadow play and we see a gain in the ground. Plato's allegory of the cave where reality was obstructed by delusion in shadow is a fitting allegory or so it seems as healing is no longer obscured and relegated to simply new age practices!  Past exclusions between science and spirit are seeing new crossovers, experiencing a new sunrise never to set again.

Cell level meditation is one of handful of new books that guide one away from the shadow and into the light. The beauty of this small book is its honesty and simplicity. The reader will quickly grasp the poetic language filtering throughout - a silent spaciousness- as well as shaded with haiku “from the mind of a single, long vine 100 opening lives.

Essentially this book is a small companion in one's exploration into learning the simple art of encountering breath, an in-folding of the senses as we are asked to "listen watchfully". Listen watchfully is a call for guided imagery like experiences.
Cell level meditation evokes in one a desire to reach in and explore sound, breath, visual-scapes and fields, encounters with new horizons that make up its power into levels of potential healing. It beckons, and engages. Throughout it dances into the joy and power of letting the reader in on the healing course that cells are being redirected by cell level meditation and breath.

In the closing chapters the reader is gently prodded to “Go sit in your cell and your cell will teach you everything.” And further states “whatever you can imagine, opens possibilities that can burst into physical reality. The noble cells of your body can rest, take stock of the situation and create solutions to problems. What makes the cells of the body so successful is their ability to cooperate! Sounds like we should be taking classes from them".

One can conclude Cell Level Meditation is therefore a companion textbook, a new friend in introducing cell level listening. You'll find the harmonics insightful.

Cell Level Meditation by Patricia Kay MA and Barry Grundland MD (Paperback - Apr 22, 2009)

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