Cell-Level Healing

The Bridge from Soul to Cell

Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, Ph.D.

titleThe book that is being reviewed cell–level feeling on many levels is a complementary piece to Rituals of Healing even though were written years apart in that they both address a fundamental ideal, healing is a journey of empowerment! “Cell–Level Healing asks us to revisit our bodies from a position of the sacred, a deep journey into the mystery of our own human potential; to the art of contemplating the power of the universe convening in our cells”.  This opening paragraph is paraphrasing the words of Joan King the author of Cellular Wisdom in the forward of this book. Though cellular wisdom  as explored in Joyce Hawkes’ book is available to everyone accessing that wisdom requires a deep belief in an inner intelligence or guide. Therefore this is why it is companion piece to Rituals of Healing. Together, they inform one to the language of a kind of healing creativity. As seekers for healing and wellness we are expanded in Cell-Level Healing’s elegance in its bringing to us the realization of a new creation or the deepest patterns within that are healing forces.
Simply yet profoundly, the tools for healing presented in this book are simple, powerful, and available to everyone. Profound in that they are extensions of Dr. Hawkes’ personal journey as a scientist grounded in traditional cell research and as a healer who is attuned to the power of cells for repair and renewal all brought together in the light of her classic near-death experience. A door opening experience that shifted for her reality on healing - a cell–level healing. With the intelligence of cell level healing and the intelligence of healing ritual we begin to have a very definitive map and process for a deep healing intelligence; an intelligence, which is integral to our personhood and is accessible wholistically.  Read more on this exquisite little book if you have the time.

From an interview  Hayward Hawks Marcus USA

Dr. Joyce Whiteley Hawkes is that rare combination of rational scientist and enlightened healer that makes for an interesting if unlikely mix - a position she nonetheless balances quite effectively. For instance, asked if she would describe cells as having an intelligence of their own, she replies,
“As a scientist, the scientist part says no, they don’t have an intelligence of their own as we experience intelligence. [However] as a healer, I experience at times something that feels like the life force consciousness [is] in everything, including the cells in my body. But to go to the point of saying that each cell has its own intelligence stretches farther than I can go as a scientist.”
But Dr. Hawkes, the healer, has a deeper concern about thinking of our cells as conscious beings.
“If the cell becomes ill, we [can] begin to look at it as a conscious act of that cell, and that limits the ability to heal. I always assume each of my cells is doing the very best it can with the environment, the attitudes, the food, everything I’m giving it, and that if it’s sick, well maybe its genetic code couldn’t handle that particular part of life that got dealt to it. Maybe the environmental toxin it took in just overloaded it - just pulled it right off the edge of what it could handle.”
Whether one is in a healing crisis, or would just like to learn how healing thought can assist cell health, Dr. Hawkes’ book, Cell Level Healing (Atria Books, 2006) is written as an easy guide to understanding the nature of our bodies and our cells. With simple guided visualization and meditation exercises, Dr. Hawkes leads her readers to appreciate their bodies and those busy cells. She suggests how to clear energy blockages, and teaches how to connect with and strengthen the cells’ own healing ability. Breathing in balance and breathing out harmony is one such exercise.
Those who believe that thought has no impact on the physical part of our bodies should know that recent scientific experiments have shown otherwise. “Current information coming out of Richard Davidson’s lab at the University of Wisconsin, in his research on brain waves of advanced meditators (Tibetan monks), shows that when compassion meditation is involved, there’s an increase of neurons in the brain...it generates the division of cells with the brain,” says Hawkes. This may prove to be good news in the fight against brain dysfunction.

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