Heartbreak,New Approaches To Healing

Ginette Paris is Simply Elegant once again ! 

Neuroscience and literature, Beethoven and iphones, new pathways for deepening guided Imagery
Heartbreak knows no limits to loss, loss either in a relationship or with a loss of one’s health as in chronic illness often becoming an encounter with heartbreak. In Ms Paris’ new work subtitled new approaches to healing she continues to draw from deep within storytelling, and opening readers to the essence of the quality of one's humanity. In her first chapter she shares such a vignette, in what her client professes to be in a state of  "love madness". His story an ordinary story of an ordinary heartbreak happening to an average, so-called normal and functioning individual while being archetypical because beyond the idiosyncrasies, his experience exemplifies the profound emotions of all heartbreaks. Ms Paris draws on her Jungian roots as an archetypal storyteller weaving a basic melody: “whatever variations you may add, however you mix and arrange the score, you can still recognize the melody. Hearing the first four notes of Beethoven's ninth Symphony on someone's iPhone is enough to identify the whole complex symphony. The melody of heartbreak is similar: it is a timeless and universal score in which you can recognize the basic emotions, regardless of the individual variations.” 

Review for the Emperor of All Maladies

Sublimely Unmasking Cancer - Siddhartha Mukherjee

If a man die, William Carlos Williams once wrote, “it is because death/has first possessed his imagination.” … And so begins an incredible read from Siddhartha Mukherjee.

Death possessed the imagination of my patients that month, and my task was to repossess imagination from this. It is a task almost impossibly difficult to describe, in operation for more delicate and complex than the administration of medicine or the performance of the surgery. It was easy to repossess imagination with false promises; much harder to do so with nuanced truths. It demanded an active exquisite measuring I and reading measuring, filling and unfeeling a psychological respirator with oxygen.  Too much repossession and imagination might bloat into delusion. Too little and it might asphyxiate hope altogether. Mukherjee takes us on a long journey–stepping through a few thousand years of history while masterfully maintaining the thread of a living life force-field where we co-exist with cancer and marvel how culturally we empower its very existence as a kind of metaphorical cosmological black hole - at least for now.


The Energy Cure

Unraveling the Mystery of Hands–On Healing

William Bengston Ph.D.


altA review in two places (see innovation as well)


Again let me state the objective for reviewing these new works is to open our mindbody to the dramatic shifts occurring each minute in our world. Illness is a state of mind and these works will shift that state into embodying deeper energies laying down a path in wellness and wholeness!


This material is being posted in two sections with the full review listed under innovations. For the reader who wants a very quick summary of why this particular book warrants being placed in two sections let me simply state that imagery is consciousness and healing is energy consciousness. 


This work takes one down 35 years of an incredible life's work and will utterly amaze you. In fact beyond amaze you, I'd venture to say convince you of this one statement. “Energy healing is a reality...Once an organism has been energy–cured of cancer, it is immune for life” William Bengston. This is no random statement but one that is fully documented.


Wisdom of the Psyche

Depth Psychology after Neuroscience

Ginette Paris

altIf Mary Oliver where to write a book on healing this would be it. The recipient of a Pulitzer Prize Oliver shares the pathos of the warrior’s dance in the sublimity of simply and profoundly being in her poem titled “Singapore”. In Paris’s opening chapter she is able to do the same! “The nurse, having changed her uniform, finally returns in the company of an aide, a Mexican woman who does not speak English, and whose task it is to clean up the bed and the body in it. This woman and I are left alone. She stares at me for a time that seems very long. That stare is something I have never seen; she looks through me, not at me. Her silent stare is a seeing and a speaking at the same time. I see that she is seeing that I am someone between life and death, undecided.  Her eyes are saying that she has no intention of influencing me, nor scolding me; that there is no need for shame; that bodies, dead or alive, do not disgust her or bodies in between, like mine, spurting vomit and flirting with death”.


Imagination & Medicine

The future in healing in an age of Neuroscience
Stephen Aizenstat and Robert Bosnak
altImagine the Pacific Ocean, late spring, sun against pale blue sky - welcome to Imagination & Medicine Conference of 250 people, the outcome of which is this elegant new book offering “Imagination & Medicine”. By chance I came across this book in preparing for a future review by Ginette Paris who shares a faculty position at the Pacifica Graduate Institute along with the author of this book Stephen Aizenstat.  The stated purpose of this book “ we realized that it was time to expand the conversation between doctors fighting illness and those focused on the creative abilities of the body to heal itself. Hence, Imagination and Medicine - first the conference now the book”.
In the opening preface we are given a taste of things to come “in this volume you will hear how advanced contemporary science finds overwhelming proof, in studies of the placebo effect and research in gene behavior, of imaginations much greater role in the healing process that one might have expected in the era of rational scientific methods.” The crux of this book is from a number of prophetic voices in that it is a call to “rekindle classical medicine, when imagination and technology walked hand-in-hand”. Clearly this is not a call to look backwards, but to integrate the wisdom that has prevailed for thousands of years in every culture and in so doing is sharing aspects of that wisdom into today’s healing therapies along with new advancements in medicine. 

Bangers And Mash

Keith Hern

Eating away Cancer with some NLP help

altThis small book carries with it a big punch. We are invited to follow Keith the patient into the ranks of the affected. I wrestled with this review for a few reasons, first Keith's approach to his cancer didn't align with my own philosophy regarding nutrition. The humor in that statement is the in-your-face title of Bangers and Mash. I see the title as a metaphor for eating cancer. Keith's approach to his cancer is an active one. One gets to experience cancer through the determined energy of a fighter and the humorist all in one. Fighting cancer and eating cancer have a lot in common. Both are dominated by hunger to move on, to become satiated, to be well. The value of this point of view is that it is an honest approach to battling cancer. The intention for bringing these materials to the reader is to broaden the scope and the approach to cancer in a clients own words, in a variety of levels of experience.

Curious , read on!

That said I still felt this approach of Keith's a bit skewed by gender, which in fact is the value of this book. My initial interest in this work had to with Keith as a creative visual artist and photographer, which made me interested in his treatment,  his personal narrative and his relationship with his coach Helen and his integrating into his therapy guided imagery , NLP coaching combined with CD’s or self-hypnosis. I venture to say that throughout this book there is scant mention of his work with both, but the irony is that when it is mentioned - it makes a point. And the point is perspective, a perspective that opened doors to healing. Keith the self-proclaimed skeptic regarding things that fall into the world of a self hypnosis that spins the positive prosperity message he finds as a bit much yet by the end of the book he finds himself deepening his own healing process by drawing on works by Candace Pert's The Molecules of Emotion and Bruce Lipton's The Biology of Belief. A well for sure!


Fighting Cancer from Within

The Consummate expression of a life with Guided Imagery

Martin L. Rossman, M. D.

title"The Spirit is the master, imagination the tool, and the body the plastic material". In an early chapter Rossman's quote of Paracelsus is a fitting introduction to a work that shares a path for finding deep-seated intelligence in dealing with illness. While the title Fighting Cancer does capture issues regarding treatment and guided Imagery, its quintessence lies within the lines of Martin as a master storyteller of 35 years working with guided imagery. Through his assimilation of many healing journeys and major issues in dealing with catastrophic illness he sets out to address what he has come to regard as the most pressing questions facing patients.

  • What are the best images for healing?
  • How can I make my imagery more powerful?
  • What aspects of physical healing can't imagery potentially influence?

With a wonderful sense of delivery each chapter moves us deeper within. In summary Dr. Rossman has given us an important tool on how to move into healing from within. If you want to learn more please continue reading.


Cell-Level Healing

The Bridge from Soul to Cell

Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, Ph.D.

titleThe book that is being reviewed cell–level feeling on many levels is a complementary piece to Rituals of Healing even though were written years apart in that they both address a fundamental ideal, healing is a journey of empowerment! “Cell–Level Healing asks us to revisit our bodies from a position of the sacred, a deep journey into the mystery of our own human potential; to the art of contemplating the power of the universe convening in our cells”.  This opening paragraph is paraphrasing the words of Joan King the author of Cellular Wisdom in the forward of this book. Though cellular wisdom  as explored in Joyce Hawkes’ book is available to everyone accessing that wisdom requires a deep belief in an inner intelligence or guide. Therefore this is why it is companion piece to Rituals of Healing. Together, they inform one to the language of a kind of healing creativity. As seekers for healing and wellness we are expanded in Cell-Level Healing’s elegance in its bringing to us the realization of a new creation or the deepest patterns within that are healing forces.
Simply yet profoundly, the tools for healing presented in this book are simple, powerful, and available to everyone. Profound in that they are extensions of Dr. Hawkes’ personal journey as a scientist grounded in traditional cell research and as a healer who is attuned to the power of cells for repair and renewal all brought together in the light of her classic near-death experience. A door opening experience that shifted for her reality on healing - a cell–level healing. With the intelligence of cell level healing and the intelligence of healing ritual we begin to have a very definitive map and process for a deep healing intelligence; an intelligence, which is integral to our personhood and is accessible wholistically.  Read more on this exquisite little book if you have the time.


Rituals of Healing

Using imagery for health and wellness

Jeanne Achterberg Ph.D., Barbara Dossey R.N., M.S., FAAN,

and Leslie Kolkmeier,R.N.,MEd

titleOne additional review for a pioneering work regarding the essentials of guided imagery, the  “Rituals of Healing”. To add perspective regarding this subject is this quote from the 70’s by a well-known Harvard trained Ph.D., in Psychology turned mystic Ram Dass who offers a glimpse into this subject "I'm using spirit to find the rituals as vehicles for living life in spirit - I am not using rituals to get to spirit”. Rituals of Healing is a gem and invites us all into ritual and the spirit in healing. If this isn’t enough to engage you then please read more!

The book “Rituals of Healing” follows Ram Dass' beliefs in finding healing spirit through ritual as vehicles. The ground for guided imagery is the inner ground of one's deepest self, psyche, or soul. Culturally each of us brings a definition from which we pursue our own sense of identity and purpose for living. Being grounded in aspects of positive affirming beliefs regarding one's capacity to experience a deep well of healing energy opens up vast resources of healing potential both on a cellular level as well as mental. “Rituals of Healing” gracefully takes one into the art of making whole and making holy ones healing journey. In Chapter one we begin with Rituals for Modern Times and from there deeper into bodymind. In the second part of this book there is a very thorough manual like instruction on incorporating specific guided imagery techniques for specific illnesses. Wisely the authors have chosen to reference the skills once they have complemented those skills with inner healing skills.

Clearly one will bring to guided imagery one’s own approach. This book is the bedrock for orienting one through bodymind - an appreciation of one’s inner potential and offers a deeper narrative based on healing stories, rituals, and human experiences for what is unfolding in a container of care. Deepen!

Some additional comments as an afterthought


Healing and Transformation Through Self-Guided Imagery

The art of self-guided imagery gets brighter

Leslie Davenport MFT

altThere have been a few grandmasters in the field of current guided imagery and related modalities and for me; one that has stood tallest is Ernest Rossi.  He champions the art of imagination through his rigorous lens and his works on dreams, mind body healing and the new field of gene expression. He has more than once reminded me of the force of remaining in a state of inspired attention in the work of imagination requires degrees of novelty. It is one of the keys for maintaining a deep connection with self facilitated inner states. The key he explained are those wonderful moments when one sees with new eyes, those ah ha moments; the surprises that are the key points that engage at the deepest levels when one is working in the area of imagery. We now explore Ms Davenport’s new work

Ms. Davenport brings a visionaries perspective. Not those lofty metaphysical visions but the grounded ones that reflect back to the reader the ground of nature and simple being. Her skilled writing takes us into a gentle guided imagery landscape accompanied with exercises that unfolds one. In what she calls her eyes opened exercise, exercises that artfully help in maintaining novelty. These exercises are pointers, way finders, and refreshing alternatives for enhancing one’s inner guidance system.


Cell Level Meditation

A practical Tool and a wise vsion into the cell

Patricia Kay MA and Barry Grundland MD

titleIn the world of new medicine and healing we are seeing the curtain rise and the shadow play losing ground. We see the shadow play and we see a gain in the ground. Plato's allegory of the cave where reality was obstructed by delusion in shadow is a fitting allegory or so it seems as healing is no longer obscured and relegated to simply new age practices!  Past exclusions between science and spirit are seeing new crossovers, experiencing a new sunrise never to set again.

Cell level meditation is one of handful of new books that guide one away from the shadow and into the light. The beauty of this small book is its honesty and simplicity. The reader will quickly grasp the poetic language filtering throughout - a silent spaciousness- as well as shaded with haiku “from the mind of a single, long vine 100 opening lives.

Essentially this book is a small companion in one's exploration into learning the simple art of encountering breath, an in-folding of the senses as we are asked to "listen watchfully". Listen watchfully is a call for guided imagery like experiences.

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