The simple answer is to serve you and to broaden your self-healing gifts.  Whether you are a patient, caregiver or practitioner empowered decisions may result in better care — along with healthier lives. Imagery, either guided or self directed, works as a healing modality, more than an intervention it is a self-recovery of our core strength and energy. Self-care management and having a deeper relationship to the self are degrees of wellness and skills that bring forward our unique healing potential. Imagery is an inner force that influences the quality and potentially longevity of life! Each of us is gifted with the capacity to draw on forms of healing gifts that honor our integrity as human beings.

As a cultural bound society, dominated by science, we are now freeing up new ways of being and actualizing these profound gifts of wellness and healing. We are now beginning to understand that it is our relationship to mind body/self and disease that either furthers illness and disharmony or creates wholeness / wellness. That wellness is harmony. It is the soul of caring and deepening, a kind of passionate equanimity. We are now awakening to the great gift of spirit mind body therapies and are seeing a shift in the medical establishment toward an acceptance of these deep explorations around self-care modalities. Guided Imagery being one of them!

The Guided Imagery Collective is the collective community of users, practitioners, developers, and explorers. A collaboration between scientists, philosophers, the humanities, social sciences and biology. Our theory is that there is an inherent application to how guided imagery and related tools are intrinsically linked or bridged as a synthesis between the ways of our elders to the new thinking in many evolving structures.

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