To see Guided Imagery and other forms of imagery related therapies being at the forefront of a new wellness /self-care movement that empowers the client/patients to become a major part of their own deep healing process.


To listen and create networks so we can learn from our visitors and friends for the purpose of deepening the art of imagination and guided imagery as a means to wellness.

To create a fully comprehensive web destination that allows users to explore, engage and exchange.

To serve first and foremost those who are experiencing a desire to find meaning and new ways in dealing with illness, a site that acts as a resource to spirit mind body practitioners, caregivers, and creative developers.

To become a sanctuary for tapping into quality guided imagery and related tools. To become an eco-system of guided imagery resources plus cutting edge findings in complementary therapies, healing, wellness and relaxation for variety of audiences. To be a source of education and inspiration for anyone wanting to advance their learning and use of guided or self directed imagery, active imagination and other related offerings either self directed or prescribed by a practitioner. To showcase works that are fresh and those that are timeless.

To be a catalyst to evolve guided imagery related tools. A place for advancing innovation, as a means for deeper exploration and product creation bridging healing and consciousness through the use of new tools and new technologies. By the incorporation and integration of the new mindbody sciences, a variety of arts, new visual media and the teaching found in the spirit/mind/body schools the healing arts, consciousness, and inner development practices.

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